What did Mary do during Jesus' ministry?


Was she with Jesus and the apostles or did she stay at home?



She prayed for him, and pondered the things the angel told her at the annunciation and what Simeon told her at the presentation.


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There’s very little in Scriptures… what we know is that she was there in certain occasions (as in the very first miracle) and she must not have always travel with Jesus (as in 'here are your mother and your brethren).

Yet, she was fully aware of His Ministry and what people thought about Him:

20 And Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach goes to his home shtetl; and again the multitude assembles, with the result that they were not able to have okhel (food). 21 And when his own mishpochah heard of this, they went out to constrain him. For they were saying, He is meshuga. (St… Mark 3)

It is interesting that Jesus own kin (family and friends) sought to appease the religious by attempting to silence Jesus!

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She loved Him and supported Him. She did whatever He asked of her.


She encouraged his first miracle (John 2:1-12).


She was a Jewish Mother, so she probably worried about Him a lot.


Actually, all Mothers do that–it is only hollowood’s take that Jewish Mothers are bent on hypersensitive love (which is just another form of rejection of that Love)… now guilt-trip, that could be another matter.

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I think she traveled with Him often, especially after Joseph died. When she traveled, John took care of her and made sure she was comfortable. That’s why Jesus loved him.


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