What did Mohammed teach about Jesus in the Qu'ran?


What did Mohammed teach about Jesus’ life in the Qu’ran? In the New Testament we have 4 gospels written about Jesus’ life. If the Qu’ran is the final revelation of God which Muslims claim, why is there not that much information on Jesus? The Qu’ran has a virgin birth story about Jesus but nothing else except writings refuting what Christians believe about Jesus. Did I miss something?


Pretty much.

Essentially, it’s the christian-gnostic teachings:
]Christ was birthed by a virgin
]Christ was a prophet with secret wisdom
]Christ was NOT killed on the cross, but removed/escaped/replaced
before death
*]Christ brought secret wisdom
*]Christ is not the final revelation ***

  • Islam claims it was mis-handled by his followers and corrupted
    ** I don’t recall which is Islam’s teaching, but different Gnostic Christian traditions accept the crucifiction, or deny it, or claim that simon the cyrean gets cruicified, or that Christ only appeared to die, etc…
    *** Many of the recorded gnostic sects believe a second coming was going to happen. Islam claims Mohamed to be the final prophet.


Here is a helpful website that has many informative articles about Islam, including Jesus and the Qu’ran, the Bible, ect. They also have a live chat feature where you can ask questions directly.


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