What did Pope Francis mean when he said he wants “a poor church for the poor”? (And more!) [Akin]

jimmyakin.com/wp-content/uploads/CatholicAnswersLogo-300x180.pngIn this episode of Catholic Answers Live, Jimmy takes on the following questions:

*]What did Pope Francis mean when he said that he would like “a poor church for the poor”?
*]How can anybody be a saint if we are all sinful?
*]Can a priest say the ordinary form of the Mass facing East or facing the altar rather than the people?
*]Where did the idea that either the man born blind or his parents had sinned?
*]How to obtain an annulment?
*]What happened to the people who rose from the dead at the time of the Crucifixion?
*]What does it mean when the Apostles’ Creed says that Jesus descended into hell?
*]What does it mean when Hebrews says that Jesus learned obedience through suffering?
*]How to respond to “None is righteous, no not one”?
*]How to respond to the claim that humans are equal to all other species?
*]What does St. Paul mean in 1 Corinthians 8 when he talks about us using our knowledge to tear down our brethren rather than build them up?
*]Why is there a difference between documentary process and formal process annulments?


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