What did Pope Francis say about the children of homosexual couples? 8 things to know and share [Akin]

jimmyakin.com/wp-content/uploads/homosexual_parenting-300x200.jpgMatt Drudge recently linked a story with the headline “Pope calls for fresh Church approach to children of gay parents.”

Does this mean that Pope Francis is insisting on a sweeping revision of the Church’s policy on how to handle such children?

Here are 8 things to know and share . . .

1) What did the news report say?

The*original story, published by the American Free Press, stated:

Pope Francis has called for a rethink in the way the Catholic Church deals with the children of gay couples and divorced parents, warning against “administering a vaccine against faith”. . . .

“I remember a case in which a sad little girl confessed to her teacher: ‘my mother’s girlfriend doesn’t love me’,” he was quoted as saying.

The pontiff said educational leaders should ask themselves “how can we proclaim Christ to a generation that is changing?” . . .

Though the Church has often been in conflict with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community over its opposition to same-sex marriage and to homosexuality, Francis has drawn praise for attempts to be inclusive.

This—together with the headline the story ran under—seeks to convey the impression of some kind of dramatic change in regard to the Church’s pastoral practice concerning the children being raised by homosexual couples.

2) What is the story quoting from?

It’s quoting from a 3-hour discussion that Pope Francis had with the Union of Superiors General of religious men about religious life.

The discussion was held back in November, but an extensive account of it was only published recently by the Jesuit journal**La Civila Cattolica*.

It is not on the Vatican web site at the time of this writing, and may not be published there as it was an informal discussion.

The piece that has been published—authored by Antonio Spadaro, S.J.—is not a transcript of the interview but a narrative summary of the event with substantial quotations from Pope Francis.

Because it is not a true transcript, it must be approached with some caution.

You can read it online in English here (pdf).

Here is the Italian original (pdf).

3) What does it say Pope Francis said regarding the children of homosexual couples?




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