What did Pope Pius XII think about the Divine Mercy devotion?

Recently, I got interested in the Divine Mercy devotion, which was from Faustina.

From Wikipedia, I get this: “On 24 June 1956, Pope Pius XII blessed an Image of the Divine Mercy in Rome, the only one blessed by a Pope before the Second Vatican Council.”, and “Under both Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius XII, writings on devotion to the Divine Mercy were given imprimaturs by many bishops, making it an approved devotion.”, and “During the papacy of Pope Pius XII, Vatican Radio broadcast several times about the Divine Mercy.”. The web page for this is “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faustina_Kowalska” (without the quotation marks).

But, from the Internet, I also get this: “Pius XII … placed this devotion, including the apparitions and the writings of Sr. Faustina on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (Index of Prohibited Books).” The web page for this is “https://veneremurcernui.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/criticisms-and-responses-to-the-divine-mercy-devotion/” (without the quotation marks).

So, what did Pope Pius XII really think about the Divine Mercy devotion? Did he think that it is genuine and good, or it is fake and bad?

Beware ellipsis.

Anyway, the facts are that in the 1950s the Popes lacked accurate translations from the Polish and had incomplete writings of St Faustina. WWII and the following isolation of Poland in the communist block likely contributed to this.

So, what they “thought” of the devotion isn’t really relevant anymore.

More information became available leading to the devotion being fully approved, made a feast of the universal Church, and to St Faustina canonization.

That’s all you really need to know.

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