What did the church think/do during segregation?

well i was watching Remeber the Titans, bout a black and white football players playing together during the segregation times i think, and it made me wonder what the church think or do about it. did the cc do anything to try and end this or did they just leave it alone? and this also involves racism in the south during that time period (i think it was at 50s or 60s, idk i suck with the history timeline :()

Just to share, in the Philippines during the Spanish Era, there were only a few rows of pews towards the front of the Church. The Spanish who were the upper class of society, sat for Mass. The Filipino peasants stood at the back.

So whatever the situation in America at that time, its not any better in other parts of the world in certain points of history.

I’m far from an expert on this subject, but a couple links suggest that the Catholic Church was reluctant to challenge segregation up until the mid 1960s.



More positive news may be in a forthcoming book documents the efforts made by black nuns to integrate Catholic schools, dating back to the 1920s.

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