What did the Jews do for forty years in the desert


The Jews wandered the desert for fourty years and were given mana and quail from heaven, was that for fourty years? Did they build or Shepard or grow food during that time? They had children so did they have houses or produce anything? What did they do for forty years, there had to be water, some had to have brought livestock.


They were living in the desert waiting to enter the Promised Land. It was a hard life of course. The rest was history.


But what were they doing while they were waiting, I understand that generation died off except Joshua and Kalab and the new generation entered the promised land. So they had kids obviously, we know they brought tools to make the offensive golden calf, so they must have set up camp and , something. Did they have mana and quail for forty years, that’s all or did they raise their sheep and goats and whatever


Interesting of course. A journey that perhaps could take a few days to the Promised Land, they took forty years.

They doubted and God was angry that they would not see the Promised Land (including Moses). You can read that in Deuteronomy.

Of course as they lived their lives for forty years in the desert, they did like any normal people do. They had families. They were governed under the Laws. Only later after they died, Joshua led the new generation to the Promised Land.


You would read all that in Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

No they couldn’t grow food because they were nomadic during those forty years.

No they had no houses because they were nomadic during those forty years. So they lived in tents, and broke camp when the Cloud lifted.

They probably raised some livestock at least for the sacrifices.

They would have stocked up on water when they camped near oases. And God would provide them water miraculously if necessary, such as from a rock.

And of course, they died, because except for two people, God had decreed that as punishment for their rebellion, the generation that left Egypt would not see the Promised Land.


Can you imagine the peoples that watched the Jews for forty years? A nation of people living in the desert . How did they survive ? They must have thought. Without the manna they could not live out there. How strange this must have been for the people living in the promised land. It must have been utterly frightening when they began taking the land. This I think is also what God was doing having them live in a place where that many people couldn’t live. Making them the terror of the nations


They ate quail and manna.


walked a lot.


I would think it would have been a Bedouin lifestyle. They just kind of wander around and chill. I let some Bedouin’s in Saudi Arabia. They think we’re a little weird for living in houses in the same town our entire lives.


stayed out of the sun


I would’ve stopped off at one of the local towns. I’m not walking around.


They were being led by God to the promised land. God led them through the desert wilderness rather then a shorter easier way that was populated with people who they might war with.


I seriously need to spell check when I post. In my defense, I wasn’t wearing my glasses.


If they had cattle and stuff they had to have water so they could grow grass ect so the cattle could eat and drink, the tents wouldn’t last that long so they had to have new skins from animals that they raised


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What we know for sure:

  • the Hebrews complaint that they were brought out of Egypt die in the desert
  • that they should have stayed or return to Egypt because at least they could find food/water sources
  • that life was better even under subjugation
  • God provided protection for them
  • God provided manna, a substance that appeared as dew and could be collected to form some sort of flour-like substance
  • God provided them with water (St. Paul attributes this water to Jesus following–being amongst–the Hebrews in their desert trek)
  • God, after much complaint from the people, provided them with quails

What did the people do?

We don’t really know; other than worship and complaint, there must have been picking up and setting camp and tending to the animals (for sacrificial purpose) till they were fully gone.

What is interesting is that God provided for them a healthy nourishment called manna. This manna is described in two distinct fashions:

25 Human beings ate the bread of angels; (Psalm 78 25a)
21 For thy sustenance shewed thy sweetness to thy children, and serving every man’s will, it was turned to what every man liked. (Wisdom 16)

There should have been no complaints about lack of food since God’s Providence brought a supper food which they could harvest by simply gathering it in the morning–and, as sci fi has copied, the miracle food would taste according to the individual’s palate.

I do suspect that some of the time would be spent on the same things people struggle/indulge with now.

Maran atha!



I am sorry, but I am a very modern person. I would be interested in how they were able to go to the restroom. Can not imagine life without a flush toilet whenever I wanted to go.


They dug a hole and filled it in when it was full, and dug another.
Just like people did throughout human history until the invention of flush toilets…unless they lived by a stream and could potty in it, or lived in a city and just dumped their chamber pot out the window daily.


I’m sure they prayed and just lived their lives and raise their families.


They drank water from the rock.


Prayed for a GPS update that worked



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