What did the Jews do for forty years in the desert


And they didn’t go looking for oil.


perhaps what you are referring to is that some have said there is no archeological evidence for “the exodus” and wandering. I don’t know. The Biblical text indicates that the Jews took tons of material with them out of Egypt and many animals. Perhaps the text implies that there was water there and that perhaps the desert did not have the appearance that it does today, due to climate change.

“forty” or “fourty” is a number used frequently in the Bible and it may be an idiom for “a long period of time.” According to the account, nearly the entire “exodus generation” passed away before reaching the promised land. So, you’d expect hundreds of thousands of buried corpses out there.

etc.The book of Numbers does not give us this information on what they did, beside following the column of smoke by day, the column of fire by night. and camping, and worshiping God. etc.


Deut. 23:13 describes the process for when they went to war. I’d imagine it was similar during settlement in the desert. God clearly wanted them to stay clean.


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I thought it was at the Desert Inn!

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The Jericho location had an issue with its walls. I don’t recommend staying there.


I think it had something to do with heavy metal!

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Yup … the Mongols horde (army) as they travelled in large group in their conquest of Asia and partly Europe, seemed to equip themselves with all the necessities required for a protracted journey - livestock, tents, and governance albeit military. Women and families were often part of the caravan.

We would expect no different during Moses time - it was such a large group in a very hostile environment where food was rather scarce. They would have livestock with them but those would surely ran out eventually - thus the hunger and hardship. It was testing time alrignt.


Except for Joshua and the companions that didn’t lie about the Canaanites when they were on spying mission to the Promised Land, the rest perished in the desert during the forty years sojourn there. Those who eventually entered the Promised Land would probably consist most of the new generation.


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