What did you get for Christmas?

So what did you get for Christmas??

I ended up with a Nintendo Switch, and mostly clothes. Wife ended up with some fur coats, Tiek shoes, and more clothes, lol.

Anyone get something cool?

I have to say that literally the best thing I got for Christmas was some beautiful smiles from fellow parishioners at mass and the pleasure of company with my family. Honestly, that was the best thing.

From a material point of view, a lovely little Catholic prayer book.

Not as exciting as shiny new bicycle but…rewarding and I’ve no doubt all of it boosted my immune system too!



I got some new basketball shoes and a new basketball. Can’t wait to cross some people up :basketball_man:

Also, I got ‘The Catholic Controversy’ by St. Francis de Sales. Been wanting to read it for a while.

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A book from my son.

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I got to watch the joy on the faces of others getting gifts they did not realize they had wanted.

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A new job.


My favorite gift this year was a mug from my youngest child that says “mom, another word for love”. :heart::heart:


To spend it at home with my husband. This may be our last. <3


I ended up with Attack on Titan Levi hoodie and other AoT merchandise.

Seven brand-new pounds!


We agreed to not exchange gifts. I got the glory of attending mass and being with my family.

A co-worker did get me a mug that says,
Yet, despite the look on my face, you’re still talking.

I love it!

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I got gifts of money, lots of sweets, books, and my favorite gift of all was a little guardian angel figurine I got from my parents :slight_smile:

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