What did you think of the hip hop performance at the grammys? I say BOO!

I fthe performance was disgusting and they disrved to be booed. I felt that all of the performers did well that night except the hip hop group. It really annoyed me that the crowd cheered for them. Am I supposed to belive that Paul McCartney and Chris Martin really enjoyed that performance? I don’t know why they couldn’t just be honest and boo or not clap. And I do believe that all of the artists who performed before did very well. I watched the entire show.

I felt that MIAs outfit was disgusting.

What talent does it take to talk in to a mic using filthy words that rhyme? That is all hip hop is. I swear I hated it since I was young. I guess I won’t ever stop.

Well, the Lord has blessed us with a DVR. :smiley: Paul McCartney was great! Coldplay was pretty good. And some of the other performances were good. Everything else was fast-forwarded!

Radiohead rocked!

I can’t help but thinking that another generation would have said the same thing about The Beatles and other groups of the 60s as “rock” music became the “pop” music of the society. If the producers of the Grammy’s did not add rap to the show and relegated them to the “awarded earlier” mention in the 90s then they would lose viewers

As it stands with all the categories an individual award is worth about as much as an individual boxing “world championship” where there are 3 world champions at every weight class and there is a different weight class for every 2 kilograms. All that is important is the show. Downloads have already killed the album sales.

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