What did you think of the new Hobbit trailer?

I am currently watching it again for the umpteenth time.
Just so some of you know there are five different endings to the trailer, so check em all out.:cool:
Thorin looks awesome!
I just can’t wait to see it !!! This is gonna be a Christmas to remember!

Liked what I saw – couldn’t get the different endings to play though.

Now waiting for the new Les Mis trailer tomorrow.:slight_smile:

It might help to link the video we are talking about.


I can’t watch it. The book and LOTR were too important to me throughout my young adulthood - I have my own visuals and cannot reconcile them with someone else’s. Ever. I thought the actor chosen as Frodo was much too effeminate for the role…too “pretty” if you will. Hobbits just don’t look like that in my mind.


I am pumped!!!

(you are talking to a MAHOOSIVE LOTR FAN), I loved the movies, now its finally time to see the Hobbit!!

I think it looks awesome! The bit with the trolls surrounding Bilbo is just as I imagined it in my mind. Can’t wait to see it.:smiley:

They were so lucky to retain all the actors! Imagine if they had to switch Gandalf like Harry Potter was forced to do with Dumbledore-I wouldn’t have it! These actors’ faces are ingrained in my mind. I’ve been waiting to see this movie since 2010.

I saw one last night and I have to admit it made me nervous. I thought I heard that it was being split into 2 movies and then I heard someone say 3!

I just hope it’s faithful to the book.

But I am stoked to go see it!

It is being divided into three films.

Yep. Three films. Originally it was just going to be just two with some extra stuff thrown in based on unpublished materiel by Tolkien. But now Warner Brothers decided they will milk this franchise as much as they can so instead of two long films, make it three with all the intended deleted scenes thrown back in. I guess in this economy they’ll suck up as much money as they can.

Actually, it was Jackson’s desire to include as much of Tolkien’s material found in the appendexes as possible, so he asked to make a third film to do that and the studio was fine with it. It’s Jackson’s enthusiasm that is driving this, not money, although there is plenty of money to be made, not doubt about that. I am really looking forward to seeing the fuller story told rather than being a “Hobbit purist” about it. The more of Tolkien’s vision Jackson can stuff into the films the better for me! :extrahappy:

Am I going to soynd like a total geek if I say I’ve now watched this trailer 10 times? Oh well, geek and proud of it!
I haven’t been this excited for a movie in I can’t remember how long. The Hobbit is my all time favorite book, an everytime I watch the trailers I’m aleays saying “I know that part!”.

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