What did your church do for "National Vocations Awareness Week"?

Our church did…nothing:(

Nothing in the service, bulletin or postings

It did conflict with all saints day this year and our pastor is on vacation

Last year we had a nice prayer for vocations after the intersessions

How about everybody else? Did your church do anything this year?

We had a pulpit talk and were handed cards with suggestions of 16 year old boys that may be called to be a priest but afraid to take the initial steps. My son is 13, so it was too soon to put him in.

And we obviously prayed for an increase in vocations.

Our parish just had a homily over it, and a neighboring parish hosted the local bishop with a discernment dinner.

Well I didn’t know it was “National Vocations Awareness” week so I guess that means my parish didn’t do anything!!!

Our diocese, the Diocese of Arlington, is commemorating National Vocations Awareness Week in a big way. Last week our parish bulletin had a full color insert from the bishop where he told his own vocation story, and the vocation story of St. Faustina. The insert gave the names and photos of the forty men who are studying for the priesthood for the diocese. The names of 29 men, and 40 women who are in formation for various religious order and communities with prayers for vocations. Various vocation events for men and women and high school aged boys and girls were listed. Last Sunday a seminarian from a local parish spoke to the congregation after Mass about his vocation, and asking for prayers. He was also available after Mass to speak to anyone who wanted to talk to him. (Our parish does not have a seminarian at this time as our last seminarian was ordained in June.) After Mass the ushers handed out flyers for the “St. Therese Vocation Society.” Members of the society pray for every day for vocations and for a seminarian or person in formation for a religious order. A calendar is provided with a name for each day. My sister who lived in a diocese in upstate New York was shocked at the number of seminarians that our diocese has. She said that her diocese only has two, although I find that hard to believe. I hope she is mistaken. Our small diocese was only started in the 1970’s. We have had only three bishops, but all of them have made vocations a priority, and it shows.

Our diocese actually lets middle school people go to the discernment dinner with an adult

Maybe to let the idea germinate?

That seems to be the norm.
Our yearly dinner usually ends up in the summer since our seminarians are studying hard:yawn::sleep::hypno:

I hear you:grouphug:

With all the other things going on. . It’s probably hard to keep track

Ex. Last month was
Respect life Sunday
World mission and
Priesthood Sunday:bigyikes:

But it’s important to promote vocations since going through the forest of discernment can be tough

Hang in there!

Sadly, nothing other than they placed a poster up with the pictures of the men in the seminaries and a prayer card.

this post can also be phrased "What did you [as parents] do in your household to foster National Vocations Awareness Week?"

Vocations should always start within the family with parents talking and encouraging vocations to priestly and religious life to their children.

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