What direction is Heaven?

If Heaven isn’t in a direction, but overlapping this reality (as I’ve heard), why did Jesus go “up” when He went to go sit at the right hand of the Father?

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Heaven is not a “place” in the sense that we know the word. If you had a rocket ship, however fast, you could not point it along a particular vector and arrive at heaven.

Heaven is more of a “realm.” It is a realm of spirit, and is inhabited by purely spiritual beings. It does not exist within the universe, or even “outside” of it, as physicists tell us the universe is not actually infinite. If you could travel in your rocket to the edge of the universe and “break through,” you would not find heaven (and your rocket could never actually do this because of the curvature of space-time - you could never go “straight” but will always wind up where you started).

There is a “place” to Heaven, because there are or will be live bodies there.

But Heaven is not a priori a place; it is a condition of being, namely, of eternity in union with our LORD.

As an example: A college campus is a place, but one does not “get into college” simply by walking to the campus; one must gain admission and enrollment.

Likewise, even if you could fly to the site of Heaven, you would remain an Earthly being.

Our LORD set up His ascension as He did everything else, to teach a lesson: His earthly life was over; His friends were not to look for Him physically anymore.

At the same time, He had gone someplace in His physical body, fully alive; and he would one day return.


Because as they witnessed the Ascension “up” is something the Apostles could understand. It was for their benefit, since the Apostles, like us, are only human and must use the 5 senses to perceive the world. Therefore, Jesus ascended in a way that could be perceived with the eyes.

I like the way St. Augustine describes “heaven”.

He says: imagine that you are a sponge (a living one, not like the one on you kitchen sink) on the bottom of the ocean. All around you is the sea. It comprises your entire reality. It surrounds you completely, but it also permeates every fiber of your being, yet you can’t really see it, nor are you even really aware of its presence, because you aren’t even capable of being aware of it. The way the sea is to the sponge is the way heaven is to us. In aramaic, the word is (phonetically) “dbwashmya”. The begining of the “Our Father” in aramaic is “AVVON (the possesive form of ABBA) dbwashmya”, which we translate as “Our Father who art in Heaven.” Our translation doesn’t really do justice to the aramaic understanding of a loving “daddy” who is everywhere, around and within us, who gives us life and upon whom we are utterly dependant for everything, who literally IS our world.



Thank you for sharing this Deacon. It is so deep I’m going to need a while to let it sink in.

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