what do baptists think of catholicism and catholics?

i am curious and would like to ask any baptists out there who might stumble into CAF,
how they feel about catholicism and catholics and what they are taughter growing up in the baptist church about catholicism.

since i have converted to catholicism i have noticed a certain coldness in a dear friend i have had for many years and who is very protestant and has been a baptist since marrying her husband 16 years ago.

somehow i get the feeling she feels that i don’t “know” Jesus in the right way.

I was raised Baptist. I converted to Catholicism in 2002. I was a child in the 1950’s. I have had reason to sort of study this issue recently and throughout my life. Baptists, especially Independant Fundamental Baptists have no use for the Catholic Church. Do a google search, look at their web site. They go so far as to deny that they are protestants and they claim that they go way back before the catholic church. They can be a pretty stubborn, hardheaded, opinionated bunch. They even claim that St. Patrick was a baptist?

that is exactly the group that my friend belongs to - the independent baptist church.

i happened to ask her a few things about the baptist church the other day and which branch is the most conservative. i thought it would be the southern baptist, but she said it was the independent baptist church which she and her husband belong too.

she is a wonderful christian, but i sense that she holds it against me that i converted to catholicism in 2008. she has a strong faith which i strongly admire her for.

she doesn’t ask too much about the catholic church, but was surprised when i told her that the catholic bible is different from the king james protestant bible.

Independent Fundamental Baptists tend to range in their views of Catholics. It is usually one of two things:
a) hatred of the Catholic Church which extends to its people, or
b) just thinking they are not Christians.

Other Baptists vary more widely than this. Hatred of Catholics is not a common phenomenon among Southern Baptists or American Baptists.

Southern Baptists are prone to not believe Catholics are Christians. This, like the nicer Independent Fundamental Baptists, is due to common misunderstandings of Catholic teaching.

American Baptists in my experience seem to have no trouble believing Catholics can be Christians. I even know of one case of cooperation in ministry.

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At Belmont University in Nashville (they’re a Baptist University), an Ash Wednesday service was held last year which included the imposition of ashes. The local RC bishop assisted.

Here is the deal; most, won’t say all, Independent Baptist churches are KJV only and believe the KJV is the only legitimate English version of the Bible. They believe the KJV authors were “inspired” by God in the way the term “inspired” is used in referring to the writers of the Bible. The irony in it is that they stick to the Bible and use it as the only measuring stick for godly living, practice and salvation, but in the KJV only.

If you were to ask them if the word of God is without error, they would agree. If you asked them how they know the word of God is inspired by God; some would be able to give a reasonable answer and they would use the Bible as a reference. Then, if you were to say you agree the Bible is inerrant and the writers are inspired because God states that it is in Scripture, then show me in Scripture where the the Bible states that the writers of the KJV were not only inspired by God, but in the same manner as the Apostles, prophets and other writers were? They cannot because the Bible does not say that. See the problem and irony. You won’t persuade them, but the point is valid. On the one hand you state that the bible is without error and all we need to live the Christian faith, but then you make a claim that cannot be shown from the Bible.

The good news is that although they will not be able to get into the deepest things of God, those that use the KJV will certainly have enough for the Lord to use to bring them to salvation.

How they view Catholics is not the issue as much as the doctrine that your church teaches; for they realize that all are sinners and fall short of the glory of God and are in need of the Savior. They would see an individual Catholic in that way as they would anyone that holds onto doctrines not taught in Scripture.

I go to a SBC because they are generally the closest to the NT teaching on the doctrines of Sin, Salvation, Depravity, Perseverance of the saints et al. My favorite pastor-teacher is a non-denominational with Baptist roots and a fifth generation pastor.

I have witnessed and "mocking’ of Catholic doctrine, but never the putting down of an individual Catholic.

I don’t know if that helps or adds insights to what you are asking, but that is my 2 cents on the topic.

My Church droped baptist from the name about 2 years ago but in the 8 years I have been there I dont recall ever hearing anything about Catholics or the CC from the pulpit and only a few comments from members, one left the church because they said she would have to leave her second husband. One who said she was a Catholic but didnt say why she left the church but had nothing bad to say either( Ive been meening to ask). One whos mother is Catholic and he says he should attend her service with her some time. So my church seems to be pretty nutral. Ive been planning to ask my pastor what he thinks. maybe Ill get back to you.

Just sit back and watch your thread, 7sorrows, you’ll know pretty soon what that saying “be care what you ask for” means.

The funny thing about that is, the KJV was produced by the Church of England and used by them to support doctrines that Baptists would never countenance. It is a beautiful translation, though.

Well, they send missionaries to countries like the Philippines to reach the Catholics for Christ, if that’s any indication of what Baptists think.

They tend to think that Catholicism is a pagan distortion of Christianity; and that if a Catholic is really “saved,” he or she will leave the Catholic Church. Most do not hate individual Catholics; but they do hate Catholicism. Many have a genuine concern for Catholics as being “lost” and on their way to hell.

I am a former Baptist, by the way; and my parents and other family members belong to a Baptist (independent) church.

Just to clarify one or two things, the King James Only movement is found mainly in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches. All Baptist Churches are by definition Independent. For that reason, Baptist Churches run the gammot from Strict Fundamental to flaming liberal. The Baptist Churches in fellowship with The American Baptist Churches in the USA are basically Baptist in name only, it is hard to see the difference between them and any other main-line (liberal) protestant group.

While I go to an Evangelical Free Church (which is “baptistic”), there is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church literally down the street from where I live. A little too strict for my tastes but I do go there from time to time. The last time I was there, the lady sitting right next to me had a Bible and a Rosary and no one said a word about it, in fact they were just as nice to her as anyone else there and they are, if nothing else, a friendly group of folks. This lady was sitting right on the end of a row and many people could see what she was doing. Nobody cared although Baptist don’t use any kind of prayer aids.

…I have witnessed and "mocking’ of Catholic doctrine, but never the putting down of an individual Catholic…

In my 35 years of protestant church going I have never heard any putting down of individual Catholics and really the only thing that is said is the comparison between the theology. And this is not a weekly thing for sure. There is a difference between disagreeing with the theology and hating the people or the institution. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen (mocking and putting down Catholics) but most have better things to do with their time and I go to church to learn the Bible and worship/fellowship, not to talk down people who believe different from me. And I think I’m typical in this case.

I really don’t understand why some on this forum make it sound like Baptist spend all their time ripping apart Catholics. My understanding of the Bible tells me that the Catholic Church teaches things that are not biblically sound but that doesn’t mean I hate catholics. Hate is an unbiblical practice.

I have Catholic family members, in fact I have a cousin that is a priest and I’m always friendly to them, one and all. They are the ones that provoke hostilities, not that I expect anyone here to believe me but the truth is the truth.

Growing up in Alabama (Southern Baptist version of Mecca), there is a range. The larger, more urban churches only touch on Catholicism every now and then and only to take issue with a teaching (sometimes a distorted one). The more rural, smaller ones may take a harsher stance, often distorting the theology and/or history to push the views of the pastor. In both cases, the Sunday School experiance may be totally different. As these are often smaller and taught by “uneducated” people (in the theoloical sense), any number of things can be taught.

I have noticed that over the last 30 years, the outright, visible hatred of Catholics in Alabama has decreased. Personally, I hold that it is more to do with better education in schools and the effective end of the KKK as a social force. Once the Klan’s power was ended, those churches that were influenced by them softened greatly.

haha yes it is! And you’re right; the open hostility has decreased in recent years, but the foolish “they ain’t saved” junk still goes on behind closed doors and “off the beaten path.” We get it too :frowning:

One of the ironic things in Alabama Catholic history is that the most famous Catholic Priest killed for being Catholic was killed on the steps of what is now the Cathedral in Birmingham by an Episcopal minister for marrying his daughter to a Hispanic at the beginning of the 20th century :stuck_out_tongue:

For many, Episcopals/Anglicans are Catholic Lite…1/2 of the dogma with 1/3 of the guilt

I attended the Baptist Church for a while before coming back to the Catholic Church (becuase i realised I was already Catholic by way of my Christening)

When i told one person “high up” in Baptist Church that i was becoming a Catholic, he “rebuked” me saying you are NOT Catholic you are “Roman Catholic”, i did not rebuke back but thought it a little weird and it took me back, he obviously thinks Baptists are Catholic (and never “splitted” from the RC Church)

I don’t know if all Baptists think that way, he did however represent the pastoral side of the church

(PS: If you are a Baptist the good news that I as a Catholic can say to you is the Catholic Church believes you are a child of God by way of your Baptism)

thank you all for your replies. i have had computer issues the past few days and wasn’t able to get back to CAF to see if there had been any posts.

for those that think catholicism is not really christian or is pagan, or they taught that at their church? who is responsible for their misunderstanding of what it means to be catholic?

i can tell that my friend thinks i am not a true christian or thinks i am somehow way off on my approach to christianity by being catholic.

again, thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences and thoughts.

I can tell you how I came to similar conclusions about the CC so long as its clear that my views have softened a great deal. When I was seeking God, I first read the Bible cover to cover. Then i began reading about different religions and cults, Christian and non Christian. At this time I was being criticized by an atheist at work for my belief in God and he used Christian history to assail the Bible and Christianity. At the conclusion of my search I determined that the CC had strayed from Biblical Christianity and adopted some pagan ideas: Eoster, mother worship etc. In doing so the church also lost the guidance of the Holy Spirit and this was how she became involved in holy wars and the inquisition. Therefor I became a protestant. I now know that Mary is not worshiped and that Catholics love Jesus (still not sure about naming the day of our LORD’s reurection after a fertility godess:shrug:) I believe the CC is a PART of the Body of Christ but not “THE body”.
I think that part of why I came to a negative view of the CC is I had never met a devout Catholic. Only people who said they had been catholic. In my D&A treatment I heard people joke that they were recovering Catholics as if being Catholic was something that had damaged them. No Catholics reached out to me while I was in my addiction, I was however treated with great compassion by protestants and told I needed Jesus by evangelical Christians. Where are all the Catholics?

Any baptist that is anti-catholic is most likely bigoted, so who cares what they think. Any baptist that embraces their brothers and sisters in all Christian groups should be encouraged in their love of the Body of Christ.

Is it not the wise thing to do to find out WHY they are anti-Catholic then help them move past it? Would it not be the same if they were bigoted against blacks or hispanics?

If a person is Chrst-like and have a mind to be loving and patient, sure have at them. If one stoops to sending them to hell for their beliefs is just like them.

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