What do CAF members think of certain Time magazine cover?

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I’m pretty sure most Catholics (as well as most people in general) don’t approve of mass shootings.

The controversy is in how to deal with it


Well done, Time.


I think everyone can agree with that sentiment except the sick people who commit these crimes. The trouble is most people don’t agree on the most effective way to end violence in our society.


I would imagine it must be a difficult subject to find a suitable illustration for. I think the artist has made a very good job of it.


Do you mean that sincerely, JulianN?

Without even reading the article, I’ll bet Time doesn’t discuss the problems of removing God and virtue out of the public circle. I’ll bet they don’t discuss the importance of family.
Of CNN’s list of the “27 Deadliest Mass Shootings In U.S. History, only one was raised by his biological father since childhood.


Time Magazine still exists?
I’m kidding but they are not relevant as they used to be.
Not many magazines are. Same with newspapers. Internet has taken a chunk of traditional readership. In response to this many magazines purposely in recent years put controversial cover photos. Think back when Rolling Stone used a glamorized looking image of one of the Boston Marathon Bombers. It caused controversy and in turn led to more sales.
Unfortunately this is why contemporary news media like newspapers, magazines, cable news etc, really are kind of bogus these days. They have an agenda and are trying to stay relevant. Their reputation has been hurt over this.


And I am sure TIME doesn’t discuss the problems of
the number of babies aborted in our country every year.


I think it’s a superlative exercise of the right to publish freely.

They recognize an urgent problem in the country. They call attention to that problem. People everywhere who see that cover, might start thinking more consciously about that problem, which should bring the country’s collective thought into clearer focus, on the left, the right, the center, and all around. We need a super majority if we’re going to amend the Bill of Rights, for example, and that’s only going to come from coming together somehow on this matter.

Partisan incrementalism won’t work. It hasn’t worked before, it won’t work now either. There’s no reason to think that if gun control didn’t already exist in this country today, that our murder rate would be any higher.

As artwork, it’s unimpressive. I’m mostly surprised that Time is still in business as a magazine having a cover and that anybody bothers to read it. It’s an anachronism.

If you were expecting me to comment on the political position expressed by the cover rather than the cover itself, I agree with Scarlett.

Of course I do. Is there seriously anyone who is pro-gun violence? Like memorials that list the names of those lost in wars or disasters, it calls attention to the scope of the situation.

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Most Americans favor background checks and a ban on assault type weapons. But trying to get politicians to act on anything is tough. They seem to prefer to pit one group of society against the other, and then to do nothing.


Sometimes the covers of magazines can be powerful.
It seems like there was a photo of the shooting of some college kids at Kent State back during the Viet Nam War that showed a young woman kneeling over the body of a shooting victim. I remember that it was a very powerful shot.


I think it will impact people in two ways.

Some people will be discouraged to the point where they are convinced that nothing can be done.

Others will be encouraged to try to do something (whether or not it is efficacious is up for question).

It’s kind of like weight issues–some people are galvanized into action when they see a picture of their fat selves, while others (me) just get more discouraged and go to Dairy Queen for a large blizzard.

That’s what happens with all art–some cry over how beautiful it is, while others cry over how ugly it is! Think about CAF members’ reactions to the phrase, “Marty Haugen hymns!”

I’m sure the Time artist is hoping that more people will be inspired rather than discouraged by the cover. I doubt it–most people don’t pay any attention to Time anymore, other than teenagers who are assigned to read it by their school teachers. (One of my friends was required to subscribe to it back in high school, but that was many years ago.)

Another memorable Time magazine cover



Time magazine is still around?


My thought as well. I guess doctors must still be buying it to put in their offices.


Sobering and alarming, won’t change anything though. There’s no political will to do anything but issue increasingly vacuous statements and the infamous “thoughts and prayers”.

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