What do CAF members think of certain Time magazine cover?

We can agree to disagree on many things, particularly sex. I’m sorry you felt my rant was useless. I will admit my complaint of video games is perhaps hyperbolic and wrong, given some studies.

However, I cannot see how the digital and often sex soaked society we live in doesn’t have a negative effect on these boys. I saw it when I was growing up. I see it in my kids now, and have to fight against it. If there is a study from Columbia that says otherwise, so what. Studies aren’t always truth. I know that’s practically secular heresy to say, but the value of a study depends largely on what it’s studying and the controls.

I keep close track on what my kids are watching or trying to watch on youtube. Some of the things are horrific. Some are so shallow and materialistic that they impart bad, shallow, and materialistic ideas. There have been studies showing a how screen time is pretty positively correlated with depression and anxiety. I’ve seen it in my daughter who looks at some model on youtube (and shows it to me) and tell me how it makes her feel fat. At 13. When she is a crazy fit athlete.

I’m very, very sorry for the situation between you and your father. No child should ever have to endure abuse while another parent looks on. Further, I’m sorry if my rant caused you any pain by dredging up bad memories. And yes, I 100% agree that father figures can be found in other men. And if they are, that’s a fantastic good. But I still hold that fathers matter. If anything, it expands my point. A father can matter very significantly in a childs life, especially a boys life. But that influence can be positive or negative.

Young men need positive male role models. Ideally that’s their father. But if their father bails, or worse, abuses, then you can end up with a severely damaged young man.

Again, I feel we need to focus on creating Good Men; who can be good fathers, and good role models.

Six posts to the first whataboutism, eight until someone tried to switch the topic to abortion. I think this is what CAF members think about the time cover, immigration, beans vs. no beans child, and pretty much any other topic. I will go with:

Things must change. Once again, we call for effective legislation that addresses why these unimaginable and repeated occurrences of murderous gun violence continue to take place in our communities.


“We support measures that control the sale and use of firearms and make them safer (especially efforts that prevent their unsupervised use by children or anyone other than the owner), and we reiterate our call for sensible regulation of handguns.”


I think the Church is a better moral leader on this problem than the NRA.


Yes our politics are very strange.

If you are anti abortion you must be a Republican but then you must also be anti gun control. But you are pro gun control? That means you are a democrat and pro choice.

What happens when you are pro life, anti death penalty, pro gun control, pro compassionate treatment of migrants?

You are Catholic :wink:


Click here to check out the viewpoint of Time’s editor-in-chief.

No thanks. I have about as much interest in what an editor-in-chief thinks as I do about what the guy who delivers the beer to the bar down the street thinks.

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