What do Canadians think of gay marriage?...it is legal there after all

I keep hearing that legalizing gay marriage will ruin our society, but has it ruined Canada?

Is Canada so bad? I don’t hear about Canadians speaking out about gay marriage, just Americans. Have Canadians just accepted the fact that gay marriage is legal and are just going on with their lives?

Why is Canada different than America?


I responded to your other question concerning the difference between same sex attraction and chastity vs. the acceptance of homosexual sexual activity and the homosexual life style.

I can only respond in a way that talks to your soul.

Homosexual sexual acts, unconfessed and unforgiven are mortal sins which will doom a person’s soul for eternity.

Gone. No spiritual connection to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, from Mother Mary, from the angels, from the communion of saints.

Eternity, the Earth and our solar system is calculated out at approximately 14 billion years old.

Our bodies die, our minds die. But our souls have the opportunity to live eternally with the Trinity. Christ has the power to raise us up.

I’m sorry, but there are rules to keep a soul healthy and sinless. God gives us His grace and we have to listen and obey by our actions.

Canada is quite different than America. Some people like to downplay the differences.

If we say ‘There is country X in which there isn’t gay marriage and they don’t want it, but it’s still a good place to live’, isn’t a valid argument in favor legalizing gay marriage or anything else really. If I were to say “Sweden legalized bestiality, but it’s a nice place to live.” isn’t a great argument for legalizing bestiality in America (legal in Sweden since 1944).


What I am saying is that obviously it didn’t ruin society in Canada so there is no reason to believe that it would ruin society in America.

Did bestiality ruin society in Sweden? Should it be legalized in American also?


As a Canadian, I hate it. What a shameful day that was. People even tried an eleventh hour appeal to Queen Elizabeth II (it didn’t do anything, but it was extremely unlikely from the start).

The problem is people are too apathetic. The only party that nominally opposes it is the Conservatives, but they’ve had major image issues ever since Mulroney (or Diefenbaker for some, or Macdonald for Quebecers. Harper did not help that, although he has gotten a lot better lately). Parties tend to all lean towards the middle here, so it makes it unlikely that it’ll change soon (greatly unfortunately).

He’s not actually looking for opinions as Canadians. He’s looking for a proof based on the fact that Canada hasn’t blatantly eaten itself yet.



As Christians, we can’t endorse any practice which would doom the soul of either a non-Christian or a Christian.

It’s impossible to be neutral on the acceptance and normalization of homosexual sexual acts.

Very good point, Prophesy!:thumbsup:
(Btw, apologies for not getting back to you sooner on the Irish ‘rud’. My knowledge is very sketchy since school; which was a looooooooooong time ago! Still, ta me an-shasta le CAF.
Agus ba mhaith liom na poisti Prophesy!)
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There are many many people here in Canada who are totally against gay “marriage”. Some have lost their life savings and jobs over the issue, fighting in the kangaroo courts of the Human Rights Commissions. The gay-rights activists are strong, and have a presence at all levels of government and education. Gay “marriage” may be legal, but the battle is not over. It is another chink in the moral corruption that includes abortion, sexual abuse, pornography, etc. We have a lot of work to do, don’t think that we are asleep and ambivalent.

Gay marriage won’t be outlawed in the future. That is pretty much a guarantee. Governments don’t like giving rights to people and then taking them away…well the people don’t like it at least.

If someone is stupid enough to lose their job and life savings over a battle that is basically impossible to win, they probably deserved it.

Technically speaking about gay marriage in Canada can be construed as hate speech and a punishable offense.

What Canadians think about it? My pulse here is its not something everybody wants, but because its legal its a moot point to argue. So its more of a, “its your thing, I don’t care. Just don’t bother me,” kind of thing.

In some circles its not as a hot button issue here as it is in the US, because gay activists aren’t fighting for anything anymore. They’re not trying to convince people to let them get married. On the other hand, its already ingrained in society. I’m afraid for my children to go to school where they will be taught that a normal and regular family has 3 configurations, a mommy and daddy, 2 mommies, or 2 daddies. I have my parental work cut out for me. Especially if I tell my child its wrong then he says in school I told him its wrong, I’m putting myself and my child in danger that they will say I’m teaching my child bigotry and I may lose him to child services as an irresponsible parent.

We can’t say that yet. As I mentioned in my post, we’re only going to start to feel the effects. How do you teach your children proper values if the schools are telling them otherwise? And if your child tells (and they will) that you taught them that 2 mommies or 2 daddies are wrong, then you are in trouble for teaching your child bigotry. We’re a long way from realizing the effects. Canada is not burning today, but when the children who were born post-2003 grows up and become the adults of our society, we’ll see how living in a society that has “accepted” gay marriage would affect them.

Some of your own states have been waffling, changing their minds, leaving same-sex unions (that were at one time legal and then they aren’t) in limbo. Of course some people don’t like it, but the course of a nation can be changed by the heart and outspokenness of its people.

If someone is stupid enough to lose their job and life savings over a battle that is basically impossible to win, they probably deserved it.

You didn’t understand my comment about Human Rights Commissions. This is not about individuals or companies going out and looking for trouble. It’s about magazines being charged with “hate literature” when they speak about homosexuality, it’s about the Knights of Columbus being charged with “hate” for not allowing the booking of a homosexual wedding reception in their hall, it’s about a bishop being charged for hate speech for opposing same-sex unions in a pastoral letter, it’s a bout a teacher who lost his job because of a letter to the editor in his local paper. The Canadian Human Rights Commission was even tryng to prosecute a case against an American resident, based upon what an American citizen allegedly posted to a mainstream American Catholic website (Catholic Answers forum)! And do note, that under the human rights complaints process as it exists, a complainant’s legal costs are covered, while a defendant must pay for expenses out of his own pocket. See Catholocism: A Hate Crime in Canada? catholicexchange.com/2008/06/04/112780/

What I am saying is that obviously it didn’t ruin society in Canada so there is no reason to believe that it would ruin society in America.

How can you put it in the past when it’s still in progress? The “marriage” laws are quite new. The moral decay is insidious–it’s like any other new laws or changes in society, which take time to show the true impact.

Is Canada so bad? I don’t hear about Canadians speaking out about gay marriage, just Americans. Have Canadians just accepted the fact that gay marriage is legal and are just going on with their lives?

I think you need to do your research. Do you have access to LifeSiteNews? Do you read Catholic Insight? Have you googled for information about what’s happening to your northern neighbor? Do not think we’ve been quiet. And the U.S. is not far behind us–Obama has an agenda, in opposing bans for same sex marriage.

And about the fight, and speaking out, I leave you with this:

If we want to re-establish the beauty and value of marriage, fighting the homosexual lobby will not suffice. The most important thing is to reaffirm the link between marriage and procreation. And that means fighting the contraceptive mentality. lifesitenews.com/ldn/2005/jul/050711a.html

It’s all tied together, and same-sex “marriage” is a symptom of a deeper societal moral decay.

The apathy I believe is a mask. Fear will keep opinions silent. Those who believe gay so called marriage to be a farce will wait and wait. While not as demonstrative and outspoken as Americans .Canadias can and do win some fights in a quiet way.
For the Consevatives to touch this with a minority government .would be stupid.I heard gay so called marriage was pushed through parliament by 4 very very powerful men.
It is a self destructive culture in the world that like others through history will end some day. No civilization lasts long
Stay faithful, PRAY,Try the one heart at a time to teach the faith.
There are also quite a few , what we call , JP11 catholics. Very obedient to all church teachings (and I do mean ALL)( , large families, GOD FIRST !!!
Their influence spreads because of the friendships and spiritual support they give each other.


Well it’s not like every other person here in Canada is gay, and most of the homosexuals tend to center around a single street in Toronto. So as for gay marriage, no, riots aren’t happening, but generally homosexuals (at least in high schools) are isolated.

So basically, if you legalize gay marriage in a country with zero gay people there would be zero effect. Here in Canada the gay population, though significant, is not overwhelming, so the effect isn’t extremely massive.

How has it affected marriage? The same way it has affected marriage in other parts of the world. Though we still fight the good fight in Canada, gay marriage is becoming more accepted. Still, so few gays even want to get married anyway that there is not extreme cause for concern (so there aren’t a million gay married couples). We still have to wait for a bit to see the full affects of gay marriage on Canada. Maybe overtime things may get worse.

St. Joseph, Pray for Us

The problem is the anti-hate crime law which prevents us from denouncing gay marriage. Any speech that opposes gay marriage can and will be construed as a hate crime, a discrimination against gays, and punishable. Perhaps many are against it but are just too afraid to speak against it for fear of punishment.

I quickly googled the hate crime law and found this

Section 319(1): Public Incitement of Hatred

The crime of “publicly inciting hatred” has four main elements. To contravene the Code, a person must:

* communicate statements,
* in a public place,
* incite hatred against an identifiable group,
* in such a way that there will likely be a breach of the peace. 

So if I talk, even say in Church (if I’m a priest or even during announcements where I invite for an anti-gay marriage group) then I would already have satisfied the first three conditions. The fourth one I think is very subjective which can easily be argued into by lawyers.

At this point the only thing that can be actively discussed in Canada is abortion. I’m glad that Harper didn’t give in to funding international abortions.

You know, I"ll bet that when the triangular trade first started in America and the black slaves were coming in, most people thought it was just great. Hey, it was legal, and it increased profits, and it was even good for the slaves, getting them out of some heathen place and into a godly world where they could actually wind up being useful before dying. . .

Took a couple of centuries, didn’t it, before that institution (in America specifically) was known and widely accepted to be not just a ‘bad idea’ but a moral wrong of such scope that we’re still reaping the effects 150 years after it was outlawed. . .

So it’s kind of silly to assume that because some practice has been in effect for a couple of years that “See, it proves there’s nothing BAD about it”. . .

You clearly haven’t been to the Village Gai in Montreal where the lewdest behavior can be seen on the streets and in bars, visible to all passers-by. I remember driving through with my kids in the car as the district is on the route to one of the main bridges in Montreal. I was embarrassed and prayed my boys wouldn’t ask too many questions, especially since we were stuck in a huge traffic jam and couldn’t get away.

I was really disappointed that same-sex marriage in Canada was brought to us by a Catholic prime minister, in fact one that attends my parish.

That cost him my vote.

Nowadays I don’t find any politician worth voting for.
I mean; just exactly who and what are we voting for?
Empty talents.

The lessor of two evils? Evil is evil in my book.
Canadian Catholic history has shown it doesn’t prove anything to vote for any Catholic politician.

Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister Paul Martin, and Prime Minister Jean Chretien all Catholics and all official supporters of officiating Abortion & Gay Marriage in Canada.
What’s to celebrate? Enough reason for me not to even consider voting for any person in my country. Satan may have his hour but God will have His day.

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