What do Catholics call going to Church?


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Most Protestants say they go to church on Sunday. Is this what Catholics say or do they say they do to Mass? Is there a difference between going to church and going to Mass? Are they different services? Is there a difference between a Sunday service at Catholic churches than a Wednesday service?


Going to Church is less specific than going to Mass. I might “go to church” for a bible study or a meeting. I’d say most Catholics would say “going to Mass”, when they mean going to worship and the celebration of the Pascal Mystery.

Catholics do not have “Wednesday service”. Mass is said every day in the Catholic Church. Depending on the parish they may have a daily mass in the morning, evening, or both. There is no specific Wednesday “service” like Baptists and some other denominations have.


As Catholics, we “go to Mass.” It is in the Mass that we celebrate the source and summit of our faith, the Eucharist.
We also go to church for a variety of other reasons. We may go to a communal “reconciliation service” or we may simply feel a “need to go to confession.” The greater tendency is to not simply say “I am going to church.” We say why we are going to church–Mass, healing service, confession, etc.




In the big picture Catholics attend Sacred Liturgy. This takes the form of the Holy Mass, a Communion Service, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Hours (daily liturgical prayer). Any Catholic can attend any of these any day, any place they are available.


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