What do Catholics mean by "Church Militant"?

What do we mean when we say Church Militant? I know it means the Church here on earth. However, what do we mean when we say “militant”? Where is this explained in the CCC? What is the scope of this definition? Has St. Thomas or St. Augustine written on this question?

I think it simply refers to those us still fighting the good fight.

The Church Militant refers to all in the Church who follow the Church’s teachings, preach the word, and fight against principalities and powers as Paul said.

I thought the souls in purgatory were still fighting the good fight. I also thought the saints in heaven were also fighting the good fight along with those of us still on earth. Therefore, what are the precise terms that define militant?

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Church Suffering is the souls in purgatory…

We are the Church Militant…

Souls in Heaven are the Church Triumphant

WE are church militant because we are fighting the wickedness and snares of Satan. Standing up for the church and praying for the souls in purgatory…

We are the Church Militant

The Holy Souls in purgatory are the Church Suffering

We are the Church militant. We are fighting a battle for our eternal souls. We are fighting this culture of apathy and death, and spiritually fighting satan who is influencing this culture btw! We will not give up! We will fight!! We are Catholics!! We have the MOST BLESSED SACRAMENT and Our Lady!! We will win!! Victory is assured!!

This most ancient Sacred Tradition is called the Communion of Saints.

Indeed, it is as exposed above, but in the hierarchy (from low to high): Church Militant, Church Penitent (or Suffering), and Church Triumphant.

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His disciples remembered that it is written: “Zeal for your house will consume me.”



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The battle for our souls continues. Those in purgatory (Church Suffering) and those in heaven (Church Triumphant) have finished that battle.

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