What do Catholics think of the Doomsday Clock


I am 50/50 on this, sometimes it freaks me out but other times I think it is a bit stupid. :slight_smile:

They don’t think about it.

It’s a meaningless stunt.

It means nothing.

It means nothing, but makes me want to watch watchmen. It was a thing from the cold war about what people thought about how close we are to nuclear war.

The Catholic opinion of the matter is

[BIBLEDRB]Matthew 24:36[/BIBLEDRB]

A group that largely lost it’s point after the end of the cold war (you know, when Armageddon by nuclear war was much more likely). They’re just trying to stay relevant.

I actually read about this first on Slashdot. People there were wondering what they were going to do when they get to 11:59. Are they going to do 11:59:30, 11:59:59, 11:59:59.01, ect.

Japan’s Fukushima accident last year was also a deciding factor in the clock’s change.

Note that no-one died as a result of the Fukushima Tepco debacle. But note that 10,000 died from the tsunami. Honestly, man made worries should be the least of our concerns.
In 2005 hundreds of thousands died in the Indonesian tsunami.

Somehow I think this ‘clock’ is hardly relevant.

I couldn’t care less.

I think it is just another manifestation of how science has degenerated into fantasy.

Michael Crichton says it better than I can.


yup, it’s bogus. One thing I know about clocks, is they move forward. And indeed we are only moving forward toward Armageddon, or Christ’s second coming, as Christians would prefer. However this Doomsday Clock moves back and forth at the whim of whoever is behind it.

The funny thing is they probably didn’t have the first clue about times when we really were close to nuclear war, or not. I’m reading this book called “The Dead Hand” by David Hoffman, chronicling the latter days of the Cold War. It opens with an anecdote from the early 1980s when the Soviets perceived that tensions were pretty high, and were convinced the US could be preparing for a first strike. So one day, one of the Soviet’s early-warning satellite monitoring stations was suddenly getting a bunch of alerts about US missile launches, which of course was a false alarm, but it basically came down to one guy in a bunker analyzing the incoming data and making a gut decision that it was a false alarm, and not time to launch their own missiles. Who knows how much stuff like that went on - I’m sure most of the records are still top secret, only the tip of the iceberg has ever been made public. But the group that does the Doomsday Clock - I’m sure it didn’t move one second that day.

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