What do Good Catholic Girls look for in a Guy?


Alright, this is a two-part question.

Background - I am 30, spent time in sem., left, now happily embracing single life but patiently waiting for God to call me either to marriage or priesthood.

Now, I think I know the answer to this question, more or less, but I wanted to:
a. begin an interesting discussion and hopefully make it onto the “hot topics” list on the Catholic Answers forum, and
b. help out all you single guys (and girls) out there to strive to become the RIGHT one (so God can set you up with the RIGHT one!)

Question #1: What do good Catholic Girls look for in a Guy?


The qualities I look for or are drawn to in a good Catholic guy are: a strong and orthodox faith, sense of humor, compassion. I guess those would be the main things, if I had to narrow it down.


My top 10, in no particular order:

Level-headedness (good common sense)
Good sense of humor
Emotional maturity
Strong faith
Healthy self-esteem
Absence of bad habits such as excessive drinking, drug abuse, porn, squandering money, etc.


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