What do good Catholic Guys look for in a Girl?


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Question #2: What do good Catholic Guys look for in a Girl?


Belonging and being faithful to Christ and to his Church, the virtue of temperance, and love of chocolate Easter eggs.


Other than what Nickname said…

It’s a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in an enigma…especially for someone who is discerning the religious life too!

(I just know woman love indecisive men :rolleyes: )


Her being Catholic.
Knowing what she wants and honest with herself and others.
Someone I can talk with.
Someone that accepts me for all that I am, including all my faults.
Someone that can always make me smile.
Someone that I find attractive, inside and out.
Someone that is crazy about me for reasons I’ll never understand.

Everything else is just extra :smiley:


While I did not know it at the time I was looking, well over 20 years ago, I found her. Back then, I only saw outward beauty and a personality that fit with mine. We married very young, and again, at that time, I don’t even know if I new the true meaning of it.

I think that now, 19 years after our marriage, I can say that what I found, is what I had looked for, even though I didn’t know it! :slight_smile: That was a woman who loves me, unconditionally, through good and bad times, and has allowed me to do the same. A woman that has helped me to raise our first child, and soon to be second child, in a way that feels right to both of us. A woman, whom after all this time, completely understands my need to fully return to my faith and God.

In a nutshell, without sounding corny? I found a true soul mate, when I did not even know what that could mean at the time. :slight_smile:


Very nice answer. I am in agreement.


If someone told me that this is what they were looking for on a date, I would run far away. Everything is about what she can DO for YOU. The question is about what you are looking for in a girl, and every sentence you put there (Except the first 2) has “me” or “I” in it.

It doesn’t talk about who she is.


Practicing Catholic
Knowledgeable about the faith

main things


pretty plain and simple

To be open to completely changing their entire view of themselves, and what it means to be a woman in marriage. (and the reverse is true as well).

I think in regards to this question being Catholic is an obvious requisite.

This coming from someone who had no idea what he was looking for but was blessed anyways. Thanks.


Where you looking for something like:

“That she be carefree in spirit and attitude. Enjoying all the little small things that most of the world passes by. That no matter what she can understand and relate to whoever she is speaking with and offer a natural comfort, that is welcoming and warm. She can find laughter and make everyone around her smile. She is so wonderful that everyone’s spirits rise when she enters the room, and drops a little when she leaves, even if unconsciously. She is confident in herself and knows what she wants. She is helpful with advice and a great listener.”

That would also qualify for my answer. Apologies for my heathen mindset, I am just becoming aware of it :wink: As usual, agapewolf, you help me see myself and the Church clearer, thanks again.


I was on a Catholic match site until I found the woman that became my wife. What I liked best about her was that she went to daily mass and was conservative in her life-style.
When I was on this site I ready countless profiles by Catholic woman. I was amazed to see that few said that they like to cook or do other domestic things. In fact, very often didn’t seem to show that they had much to offer as wives.
What did the say they like in men? Very many said that they wanted a man who would take them to dances, go on walks with them, and the like. These are good things to do together, but made me think that their views on marriage were immature. How about growing together in God, for example.
I hope no one takes this in a negative way, but rather as advice about how to attract Catholic men, or, at least, ones that are practicing their religion.


WOW!! You just described ME perfectly!!!


Right on down to confidant in myself!!! HAHA

(but I am already married…) :stuck_out_tongue:

Just making some light, don’t go getting serious on me people.


Woot! Do you have a sister? :stuck_out_tongue:


The only single sister I have is a Jehova Witness! Sorry, she’s not going to fit your model. :smiley:


Her baptism wouldn’t even count in the eyes of the Church either. Oh well. One less woman in the world not for my hand in marriage check


If a woman can do these things to a man, that very well may say a lot of about her. I don’t see any reason whatsoever that this is necessarily negative, presuming that this love and affection (when appropriate) is reciprocated.

I thought his answer was very much from the heart, and was born out of sincerity and holiness. Perhaps your spin on this is not where his heart is. Part of sacrificial love is allowing oneself to be loved. (Of course, this is an easier piece of the equation.)

All Catholic men should know that they ought to love their wives as Christ loves His Church; this is a given.

If someone said this to me on a date, I would ask them more questions before running. You could very well be right; I just would not make that assumption right off the bat.


I have a previous comradery with the guy that posted, so don’t be so quick to judge the nature of my post, thank you.

Those are all good things to desire of someone, however, they were very very self-centered as an advertisement. All I saw was “me me me”, instead of an honest description of A PERSON.


Well, I can offer who I am as a woman and see how far I am from the reality of what Catholic men want:

I am a woman who is strong in her faith, although I do experience dryness as we all do. I work for the church, singing and playing music for the Lord as a ministry and for a living. I believe in all the church teaches, and strive to live by it.

I desire to be a wife and mother as a vocation and will love at the core of my being. Marriage is much more than emotions, and it takes a decision every day to love and die to self for the other’s good and soul.

Practical matters: my only debt is my mortgage and I am responsible with money. I have a good work ethic, I work hard, but not to the expense of my physical or emotional health. I have a balanced life, and I really really enjoy my job, but I understand that being a wife and mother is my first vocation.
I have lots of friends, a few which are fairly close. All of these friends are fellow practicing Catholics that are a great support system. They are welcoming to new friends.

Does this match? WHERE IS HE?


You sound like a good Catholic woman. I’m sure your knight in shining armor will come to sweep you off your feet sooner than you think. Just trust in God and leave everything up to him!


I asked the Huz. He said he married me because I have nice teeth and don’t mind being sawn in half.

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