What do I do about distracting behavior at Mass?

I am struggling with a situation at the church I attend (Roman Catholic). There have been several instances of complete disrespect for the service and I wonder if it is just me or if this is really a viable issue to address. I have witnessed parents reading books to their children, not making them behave to the point it is a complete distraction. My wife and I often discuss it on the way home and we both have made the comment that we are distracted to the point, we are sinning with our thoughts. At one point during a recent mass, just prior to the dismissal prayer, an elderly woman turned her back to the priest and began talking with the other women behind her. Last Sunday, a young girl in the pew in front of me was making paper hats out of the bulletin and trying to put it on her little brother’s head, which he objected to and fussed even more. The mother did nothing to address the behavior. So where do I start to fix this and a long list of other issues.

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