What do I do about friends who make fun of my religious decor?

Why do I feel uneasy when friends come to my place, see all the wonderful religious items I have, and then make snide comments about them? This is my home and I want my friends to enjoy visiting, but should I “hide” my items when they are here?

Why would you want to hide away your religious materials to satisfy people who are so incredibly rude that they insult your home to your face while accepting your hospitality? To anyone who does so in the future, I recommend saying coldly, “I’m so sorry that my home is not up to your standards. I wouldn’t dream of keeping you. Here, let me get your coat and we’ll call it a night.” Show them to the door and then resolve to find a better set of friends. (Of course, if they come to their senses and beg your forgiveness, you may allow yourself to be mollified.)

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