What do I do about my daughter's Confirmation?

My daughter is now 13 and I want to sort out her confirmation. My two sons have been confirmed but I was a widow at the time. Now I’m with a church of england, no-baptized, divorced man what do I do? I want my daughter to be confirmed and so does she, how do I go about this and can my partner participate in this event or not?:confused:

Dear friend,

You have more serious problems than getting your daughter Confirmed. If you are living with your “partner,” stop living with him and get your act together. If you want to validly marry him, see a priest about the possibility of his getting an annulment. If not, there are other men in the world.

PRIORATIZE, by putting God first–because He deserves your fidelity, your daughter needs your good example and it is the only way you will be ever be at peace. Remember, eternity is a long, long time. Jesus suffered long and hard that you might end up there. He loves your that much! Don’t let Him down.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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