What do I do about my fallen-away mother?


My mother is a Baptized/Confirmed Catholic. My parents were married in the Church, then had some terrible experiences with some very bad priests (told they were sinning because they were an interracial couple). It was then that she drifted from the faith and my father led her into the Baptist church.
I am being Confirmed/recieving First Communion this Easter Vigil, and have convinced my mother to come Mass with me on a few occasions. The last time she came with me, she told me she wanted to recieve Communion. I told her she shouldn’t, because she’s been away from the Church for so many years.


What is neccesary for my mother to once again recieve Communion? She has agreed to come to Confession with me, but she personally believes that a priest isn’t needed for Confession/she can confess directly to God. It is my deepest desire to have my mother come back to the Church and recieve Communion with me for my First Communion, but I’m afraid she’s only doing it for me and not for the Church.

The draw of the Eucharist is strong, but it is a draw to Confession and full Communion, not to a sacriligeous reception.

It is a very good sign. :slight_smile:

The green scapular, a gift of a miraculous medal necklace perhaps, and regular prayers for their conversion…

… and some books like ‘Rome Sweet Home’ might help. . you know where she is in her faith journey and what issues affect her separation – with those issues in mind, for both of them, think about what books would be helpful. If you can’t find directly addressing books… there’re good general ones too. I’m sure people on the forums have some good ideas.

Since you are entering into the Church fully you have a greater opportunity in the area of media (even audio cds, TV like EWTN, music and lectures) and books to share with them, you can share what brought you along too. This is what would be most meaningful to a parent. :slight_smile:

Ave Maria, ora pro nobis.

Thank you for your response.

I think I’ll buy her a miraculous medal for her birthday.

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