What do I do about noise in Church?

I grew up in the 60’s, and perhaps I am old-school. When I was young, we didn’t attend church with our arms uncovered, we didn’t cross our legs during mass, we didn’t turn around to see who was coming in, and we didn’t talk in loud voices.
Last week at mass, a couple behind us talked everytime the choir was singing. When mass was almost over, as the choir sang during communion, I could hear them talking and laughing loud over the choir! I turned around and said, “Excuse me, your talking a little too loud”. The woman took exception to my comment and let fly a few comments of her own after mass, claiming that her friend was asking questions about the mass (I hardly see what was that funny). I told her that she needed to save commentary for after the mass, and walked away as she was still giving me a piece of her mind. By the way, I recognized her as someone who has been an ACTS participant. During this same mass, worship was disturbed by a phone ringing not once, but twice, and a toddler jumping loudly on the pews. I am really bothered by how noisy our services have become. It’s impossible to prepare myself before mass, during mass and after. I have even been present during a mass where two of the parochial school teachers were discussing a lesson plan during the service!
How do I approach my monsignor about this? Sending a letter seems like a coward’s way, but I hear that he doesn’t like the choir master asking people to silence their phones, and frankly, he’s a large imposing figure… Should I address it to another one of the co-pastors?

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