What do I do at my father’s church?


Hey all, thanks in advance for your replies.

So I’m on the slow-going road to the Catholic Church. The slow-going isn’t my own choice; I’ve been raised Baptist, and I don’t yet have legal, financial, or even transportational independence, so I can’t quite enter RCIA yet. So, I’m still at my Baptist Church, where my father is the pastor. As I now know the truth of the Eucharist, even if I cannot experience it yet, is it right for me to partake in the invalid Baptist communion at my current church? Or should I duck out beforehand, excuse myself to the bathroom?

Specifics aside, should I avoid Baptist communion, or continue to partake, as I must be there regardless?



You are not bound by any Catholic Church laws regarding the sacraments.

You may continue to participate in the symbolic Lord’s Supper of your father’s Baptist church.


I’d try to avoid it if you can do it inconspicuously.

You may not yet be Catholic, but you do know the truth of your actions.


Former Baptist here. Not yet officially Catholic and occasionally attending Baptist service with family.

You can refuse to partake. If questioned you could say (and this is truthful) that you don’t want to drink or eat unworthily. If quizzed you’d just reply that you prefer to keep it between you and God (also true). Baptists shouldn’t push farther than that.

If you are pressed on the issue you can try to avoid it, but if you must participate know that God knows your heart. He knows you are under duress. And, as mentioned before, you are not yet obligated to church laws.


I would stick with “it’s between me and God.” If your dad, the pastor, asks, you might consider explaining your new understanding, I would avoid the word “damnation.” Prayers.


I adjusted the language a bit. You are right. “Damnation” might be taken the wrong way.


Ok, great advice. Thank y’all so much!


You are not yet bound by the laws of the Catholic Church, but Baptist communion is objectively the simulation of a sacrament, and therefore objectively sinful regardless. You should therefore not participate in it.


As Pope Francis would say, “Follow your conscience.”


God understands.
Continue to partake, is my advice.

Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us
38 “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name
and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.”
39 “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name
can in the next moment say anything bad about me,
40 for whoever is not against us is for us.


Respectfully, I never understood this reaction regarding Communion. It is actually quite untrue, No?

Communion is NOT just about me and God. And its actually an essense of Communion which makes Catholic Communion special. Its Communion with those who celebrate Jesus in this manner since He instituted the Sacrament. Compounded with the fact that the Pastor is the OP’s father!

I would explain my appreciation for the Catholic faith as I understand it. To others, I might simply say, “I have explained to Pastor my faith about Holy Communion”


As far as receiving there, I personally would not. Even pre-Confirmed. Its professing to be the valid intended Supper instituted by Jesus. As good intended as they may make it, because by nature, it is at odds with the Mass.


A) no it isn’t

B) if the OP is a minor no one should be telling him to defy his parents


Depends on how you led your life. I stole and cheated many times and find forgiveness only in the Muslim community. So if your looking for a better way of live maybe choose the Muslim route.

Are you seriously suggesting that the poster should become a Muslim ??


Baptists don’t profess to be partaking in the Supper which Jesus calls us to?

I never said defy parents! Are they forcing Communion? That seems rather unChristian, and probably against Baptists practice.


Baptists are not claiming that the bread and wine is anything but symbolic – and therefore, not the simulation of a sacrament.

He is a minor, he is a Baptist. There is nothing wrong with him participating in the Baptist service until he converts. It is not Church teaching to tell him otherwise.


Right. And they are claiming that Jesus did not intend Christians to believe in Real Presence/Transubstantiation.

It’s is not against Church Teaching to refrain from a Communion which denies what the Church professes! I said what I would do.


I didn’t say it was against Church teaching to refrain, but we need to be careful not to imply it is in any way sinful for him to participate fully. He is not bound by the precepts of the Church – it is not sinful for him to receive communion in a Baptist church.


This is not what @Dlee was suggesting. What is “between me and God” is the reason for not taking communion or not feeling worthy to take communion. We are not required to tell anyone why we aren’t receiving communion.

The OP has not said anything about his parents requiring him to take communion. He has only talked about his own personal feelings about communion. Of course, if his parents press him on the issue he will have to obey.


The issue has not come up in the time since I have come to believe in the Catholic Church. We don’t do communion very often in the first place. But I’m sure it’s coming up, and should my mom or dad notice I don’t partake, they will ask why. Even if they don’t press it the first time, they’d likely ask/tell (it’d be a command, phrased like a request :man_shrugging:) me to partake

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