What do I do? I am afraid I've participated in serious evil

Please any help would be so appreciated.

I am very scared. I just watched this video that from the outside, appeared like a normal, silly “scary halloween haunted house” video. It really does not look bad from the outside. But I watched and now I’m terrified. What should I do? Did I sin by watching it? (I started to realize that this wasn’t just a silly video… but my stupid self kept watching the entire thing)

Have I put myself in the presence of evil? (I mean, vulnerable to evil) Again, I am absolutely so scared and now I don’t know what to do. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have watched it. I am afraid of even sleeping. I’m scared because in one part of the video the men said one of the things they were doing was “trying to communicate with the dead” and said they were doing something very similar to what you do with a “ouija board etc.” I guess I’m asking… did I sin? Is there something I should pray? Should I avoid sleeping? Please any of your help means a lot to comfort my terrified soul. I know, I know I shouldn’t have done it.

Video is from Jordan Matter, a dance photographer’s, YouTube page.

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You can discuss that with a priest.

Be not afraid!

For now say a Rosary and meditate on the mysteries you choose to think about.
That is my suggestion.

God bless you!


Thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot. :hearts:

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This is good advice. Say the prayers that you choose, but do not dwell on what happened. This is a good video for instances like these, but it’s also very useful just in general. You can include them in your reciting of the Rosary, or morning/night prayers.

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Demons sneak into people’s lives in mysterious ways. I have to say that watching a film probably isn’t one of them.


Thank you so much. This is really, really helpful.

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Thank you. That’s true. Maybe I am overreacting. It was just different to me then if I watched a “scary movie” for example. I think what I fear was how much seemed like more of a participation of occult. I’m in and out of a lot of spiritual warfare atm so maybe watching this just enhanced my fear…maybe overreacting.

Thank you for you input :heart:


Praying for you. May God bless you with His calm, and peace trusting in the security He promises you.

If your conscience is troubled you can always plan to discuss this with a priest at your next regularly scheduled confession.

In the meantime, remember that Jesus is God Himself. He has conquered death itself, and every demon, each of which is a mere creation to Him. And Jesus has called you to Himself: called you brother and son of God (or sister and daughter of God). You are safe in his arms. Rest in his promise of love. Sleep easy. Jesus and your guardian angel are watching over you and love you more than you love yourself, even when you’re asleep. You can trust Jesus, and relax.


Thank you so, so much. Your words are very kind and comforting.

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Take a deep breath. Breath in trust, release fear.

You had no bad intention when watching this video!! Say a quick st Michael’s prayer and let yourself relax.

You are ok :slight_smile:

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Stay strong! The demon could even be the level of focus you have fir searching them out. Depending how strong/debilitating the search is. That in itself could be demon intervention

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Okay. Thank you so so much. :heart:

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I can say this for certain: you DID NOT engage in serious sin. Watching a video of people pretending to, or even trying to, talk to the dead or engage in divination or whatnot is not a sin in and of itself. If they’re seriously trying to do it, then the sin would only be in believing that what they’re trying to do is good. And chances are they’re only pretending anyway for publicity’s sake, in which case it’s just dumb entertainment.

I encourage you to pray as others in this thread have indicated and talk to a priest when you have a chance (if you know a good one), but please don’t worry yourself about this. Any sin here is certainly venial if anything – you have no certainty and viewing this stuff isn’t a serious matter, so you’re lacking two conditions for a mortal sin – so it will be washed away at your next receiving of the Eucharist, or of course at your next confession.

Be at peace, my friend.


Hello Gianna! Welcome to the CA Forum!

Just relax because Jesus is always here by our side. Don’t pressurize yourself with that spooky video because it will only make your day bad. Enjoy your day and cherish your happiest moment. Praying over you and always remember that you shouldn’t be afraid for Jesus won’t leave you in this kind of situation!

Try to sleep as well. There’s nothing good that will happen if you pull an all-nighter. You’ll have a fresh looking face if you sleep, unlike when you remain awake for days.


@ChiefBeef @EugeneCharles
Thank you so, so much. Your words are comforting. :heart:

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No problem dude! Stay safe and God bless you always :heart:

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Discard that video immediately out of your home. Watch only Catholic movie videos, read bible and religious books and listen to religious or Christmas music only.

It is just a minor sin, but these media items invite or attract evil spirits that maybe steer you to major sinful direction sooner or later.

You maybe lesser sin every day by living that way.

You are good and glad you ask.

God bless.

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I was listening to a podcast from Catholic Answers the other day (I can’t remember a date of the episode because I listen to a lot :joy:) and one of the hosts brought up something I think a lot of people forget. As a Catholic or Christian we are all able to call on Jesus’ name in times of need to cast out difficult thoughts or an occasion of evil we may have come across. I’ve dealt with a lot of depression and recurring negative thoughts, so this has helped me as well. If you feel like this video may have brought something dark, you just have to say “In Jesus’ name I cast this evil (or thought, emotion, feeling, etc.) away from me!” Say it in your head or out loud and trust that He is always with us. His light shines bright in our lives and can cast away a lot of darkness.

This has helped me with some stuff and I hope it helps you as well! God bless

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Okay. I will try to do that. Thank you. That’s very helpful advice.

Thank you so much. I actually didn’t think about saying it in that way. I’ve also dealt with mental illness so that’s very helpful in many ways. thank you.:slight_smile:

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