What do I do if a priest refuses to let me confess?

I had been away from the grace of God for a number of years and thus made a very long general confession, which I spent a long time preparing for. I received the sacrament and was so relieved to be back. However, during the next week I started remembering some more of my old sins that I accidentally left out of the general confession and committed some new ones. So I again went to confession.

I had a rather long list of sins (both from before my last confession and after) that I had every intention to tell. However, before I even got through the ones I had forgotten from my previous confession, the priest said that if I was sorry for all my sins that it would not be necessary to go on. He asked me to say the act of contrition, gave me a penance (which I did), then absolved me (with the Latin form, no less).

So, now I am very confused because I didn’t even get to mention any of my new sins (some of which were mortal).

Therefore I desperately need to know:

A). How many of my sins were absolved? All of them? None of them? Only the ones I got to confess?

B). What should I do now? Should I confess the ones I did not get a chance to to another priest? Should I not?

C). May I receive Communion, or should I refrain until I get to Confess all my mortal sins?

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