What do I do if I dabbled in the occult in the past?

I made a mistake a few years ago and turned to listening to my friends who dabbled in the occult to help me with relationship problems I was having at the time. I never lost faith in God and in fact I asked them if I would go to Hell for doing this but they reassured me no, they didn’t interact with evil spirits only white light ones. Being young, desperately in love with a not so great man, and sort of hopelessly lost at that point in time, I trusted them and “bonded” with a stone they got me that was supposed to have twin succubi in it to help with the sexual aspect of my relationship which I thought would fix all my problems, as I had been praying to God for things to happen and my prayers seemed to be falling on deaf ears. Now, years later, I understand that it was a blessing my prayers were not answered back then and I have matured and learned from this bad experience, however, I now fear the reprecussions of my actions. I can’t seem to forgive myself for what I did and fear for my soul. I also have constant obsessive thoughts that now something evil will be after me or something bad happen to me and I’m constantly fighting it off in my head. What should I do and is there a blessing that can be given to me that can clear me of my fears and guilt so I can lead a loving, God filled life from here out?

The following link should provide some guidance for you. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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