What do I do if I don't have godparents for my children?

My two toddlers are being baptized tomorrow and I have no godparents for them. I know this is unusual, but I do not know anyone who is Catholic and would be willing to stand in for them. None of my relatives would volunteer since they are former Catholics and now “anti-Catholic.” What does one do in this situation? It will only be me (the mother) and my two kids tomorrow at the baptism.

Since the baptisms have already taken place, I assume that you and your pastor arrived at a solution. All I can say on the matter of the actual baptism is that godparents are not absolutely required for a valid baptism. The Church strongly prefers it, though. In a case such as yours, even the baptismal celebrant (e.g., priest, deacon) could stand in as the godparent to witness the baptism.

In any event, I encourage you to become involved in your parish and to seek out friends within your parish. In the course of time, you may meet Catholics who could be good spiritual mentors to your children and assist you in raising the children in the faith. Those mentors cannot be godparents since the baptisms are already done, but in time your children might choose them to be confirmation sponsors.

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