What do I do if my friend is a witch?


If a close friend is speculated to be a witch or wizard, how should one deal with it? What should be one’s reaction as a Christian?


The first thing to do would seem to be to stop speculating. The only possibilities are that the friend is a witch, a witch-in-training, has an unhealthy attraction to witchcraft, or has no undue interest in witchcraft. If the person is not a witch, a witch-in-training, and does not have an undue interest in witchcraft, then such speculation can be uncharitable.

The method to find out a close friend’s religious beliefs is to politely ask. You might say, “I’ve noticed that you’ve seem to have taken an interest in witchcraft lately. What are your thoughts on the subject?”

If your friend does confirm that he or she is a witch or has an unhealthy interest in witchcraft, then you can better decide how your relationship should progress. For more information, I highly recommend the book linked below.

Recommended reading:

Wicca’s Charm by Catherine Edwards Sanders

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