What do I do now?


After two weeks of not masturbating or viewing pornography I have done so today. I don’t know what to do. 2 weeks is the longest I have gone since I was about 13 or 14. What do I do now? :frowning:


Go to confession and begin again. All of the spiritual life is beginning again.



Give yourself credit for trying so hard. Tripping and falling does not erase the miles you’ve already walked and it doesn’t take away your ability to get back up again.


Go to Confession now. Don’t put it off. If you really want to overcome this sin and be released from this habit, you need the grace from Confession.

This site can help you find Confession times:


I did it! :slight_smile: I thought all the parishes in my area only had early morning confessions but the website showed me that two had evening ones. I definitely feel more purer and respectable as a Catholic again.

While confessing I couldn’t help but notice the priest pause after for a moment, as if thinking about it.

Confessing to masturbation is common among Catholic men, correct? The priest almost seemed surprised. He could have been thinking of the appropriate penance.

Thank you for your help…


Sounds like a responsible confessor to me. A priest who takes an extra moment before giving you penance is most likely giving it serious reflection.

I wouldn’t want to speculate about how common the confession of masturbation is among Catholic men, but I’m sure your priest wasn’t surprised by such a confession.

God bless you. I’m happy for you that you went tonight. His mercy endures forever!


You’ve just taken the first step on a long journey. Congrats. BUT you are only beginning, each time you fall you must get up and be more determined to not sin again. For us it may seem like its impossible, but remember with God’s help, all things are possible. Focus on Christ’s suffering to forgive our sins, and not on your failures.

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