What do I do or say at the Tridentine Mass

Hey everyone.

I posted a few days ago about my first experience attending a Tridentine mass.

Are there any online resources, even Youtube that provide a guide as to what the parishioner does or responds?

I am looking for something like, "when the Priest does this, the congregation gets on its knees. "

I’d also love to hear the actual chants.

I know in time I will learn and maybe these things are taught at RCIA, but I’d love to be a little more prepared at next Sunday’s mass.

By the way, I found this, but it looks to be geared towards priests/seminarians.

Thank you all.

At a Low Mass, generally the congregation kneels until the Gospel is read, when they stand, then sit through the sermon, stand through the Credo, sit until the Sanctus when they kneel again until communion. They kneel when the tabernacle doors are open until the Last Gospel when they stand.

At a High Mass, the general rule is to stand when the priest sings or chants. (Exception: Epistle) Kneel or sit otherwise.

Ah, that’s helpful. Thanks!

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