What do I do? Students cheating on a quiz

I know these students that plan on cheating on a quiz today, and telling them that what they are doing is wrong won’t stop them (I have told them before, they don’t care), should I tell the teacher in advance? Would it be a sin to snitch on them? Or would it be a sin not to?

Of course you should tell the teacher…why should they cheat and get good grades…while other students who studied hard have to work hard for their grades…of course you should tell the teacher,

You should try to tell the teacher, if possible, in advance so that they might possibly change the order or manner of administering the test. If not, then after the fact as privately as you can.


I remember being put in this position before, and I think what I did was sent an e-mail to the instructor.

Your school may have an honor code policy that tells you exactly what should be done in these situations. I don’t remember my high school policy, but in college it was possible to report anonymously.

Teachers tend to be smart enough to know when students are cheating. Just avoid the temptation to follow their bad example. A good Teacher will give final exams which makes the cheating hard. If a Teacher uses the same tests year after year that is something that needs to be brought to the principals notice.

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