What do I do when Eastern Catholic churches sparse?

I recently moved to a new city that has very few Byzantine churches from Pittsburgh where they are so plentiful. I moved here for a medical residency, which will have me working for 80 hours per week, including every weekend. The only parish within an hour drive only has one Liturgy all week. As an Eastern Catholic, if I can’t make it to this time because of work, am I obligated to seek out a Western Rite church? Even though I know the differences are largely cultural, I have a difficult time connecting with the Mass.

Dear friend,

I know how difficult some Western liturgies can be. Still,you are obligated to attend Sunday Liturgy at a Western Catholic church. Remember, faith is the result of an assent of the will; not as assent of one’s feelings. If you should find yourself at death’s door, you would welcome a Western priest’s absolution. So ought you welcome the Lord in the Western Eucharist. It’s all about the Lord! The Lord knows what is best for you.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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