What do I do when I don't want to be gay?

Hello. My name us Mik, and I´m a 19-year-old homosexual. I never intended to be like this, nor did I ever do anything to become what I am. I know how wrong it is. It kills me everyday. I cannot share this with anyone. My family would die on the spot, that´s a burden I don´t want them to carry. I keep praying that God will forgive me and take me away. I no longer wish to remain on this earth, for I´m being slaughtered by this horrible condition, bit by bit, day by day. I cannot help it. I am being destroyed. I don´t want to come out, for I don´t want to be gay. I want to leave with dignity, I want God to help me leave. Otherwise I´m loosing my soul, I feel it everyday.
I guess my question is: Do you think God can forgive me and do me the greatest favor and take me away? I need to keep my honor, as well as my family´s! I need to keep my soul!

Dear Mik,

It is not a sin to be gay. I don’t doubt that you never intended to be gay. The fact that you cannot share this with anyone is terribly painful I’m sure. God is very aware of you and the cross He has given you—and He loves you very much. You needn’t run away from your situation. There are many Catholics with homosexual inclinations that live faithful, celibate lives and feel GOOD about themselves. Such a life is possible and it is possible for you. It is most important right now that you be able to share this with someone you trust and who shares your faith-values.

The Courage apostolate is a Catholic organization for people with homosexual inclinations. I strongly encourage you to go to their webstie: couragerc.net/

Feel free to contact me privately if you wish. I would be happy to offer any help that I can. Know that I will be remembering you by name during my daily hour before the Blessed Sacrament.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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