What do I do when I go to Mass for the first time?

I have been baptized in a Baptist church but now want to convert. This Sunday I will go to Mass for the first time and begin classes right afterwards. When I enter the church, what do I do? Do I go and kneel in front of the statue of Jesus on the crucifix and make the sign of the cross and then go take a seat? I have heard that people in some churches kneel at the pew in which they sit. Also, where should I sit? I don’t want to offend anyone by getting in the line during Communion. What should I do?

Welcome home! Here’s a brief rundown: Enter quietly, find a pew you like, and sit down. During the service, stand when the congregation stands, kneel when they kneel if you want to do so, and otherwise sit quietly. During Communion, keep an eye on those who approach the ministers. If blessings are given to some, then that means you may enter the Communion line for a blessing at the next Mass you attend. If you want a blessing, approach the minister (preferably a priest or deacon) with your arms crossed over your chest. That is the signal for a blessing. For more information, see the link below.

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