What do I do when my husband has chosen alcohol over me?

My husband is going through a hard time. He is an alcoholic and recently admitted (not for the first time) that he needs help and needs to quit drinking. However only a few weeks later he decided it was too much work and so is our marriage. He no longer wants children (we’ve had infertility problems anyway) and is planning to do his own thing (ignoring me, showing no affection, drinking too much etc). What can I do if this is the kind of life that I can expect? Do you see any hope of an annulment for me? I just need advice. I hurt so bad and don’t know what to do.

Dear Diane,

It doesn’t sound like you have been married long or that you have any children. You cannot in any way support his alcoholism. Therefore as long as he insists on such a life style, you need to separate yourself from him. At this point any future with him does not look bright.

You need to see your priest if you want an annulment. He will need to know how well you knew each other at the time of your wedding and how mature you both were. Were there any people who thought you shouldn’t marry him? How young were each of you at the time? Was there any pressure from anyone for you to marry? These are all questions your priest will be interested in. Write again if you need more help. You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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