What do I do when the priest won't use the Catechism in the RCIA?

I am a team member for RCIA. Our priest, a convert of 7 yrs.(who frequently injects incorrect information) and myself are it. Some inquirers left for lack of answers to questions, some are still asking for more information. Our pastor uses no book, offers only “hand outs” that are quite random, but speaks well on topics of faith and prayer. He has told them they don’t need to get a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, stating that it is too boring and is resistant to addressing direct questions about tradition and things as simple as "why do Catholics have a Pope?"
I love the CCC and would love to share it and more with these folks, but dont’ know how to approach this with him. Is there a reference that would encourage the use of the CCC or a guide for teaching RCIA that covers the doctrine of the Church in a more comprehensive manner? Help! We are losing our group!

Dear belles,

Rome is coming out with a new user-friendly, short version of the Catechism that you pastor might have a difficult time dismissing. It’s just months away.

Look at the front of the Catechism. There are some strong words there as to its importance that are hard to refute.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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