What do I do with a blessed rosary from Medjugorje?

A family member recently gave me a rosary that had been blessed by the Virgin in an apparition at Medjugorje. I know this is an unapproved apparition. What would be the best way of handling this sacramental?

First of all, you could take it as evidence of the suspect nature of the apparitions of Medjugorje if it is being claimed that the Virgin Mary is blessing sacramentals. The story is told of Joan of Arc that she was once asked to bless a rosary. “Bless it yourself,” she is reported to have said. “You can do it as well as I can.” Blessing sacramentals is ordinarily the job of a priest, and, as John Paul II liked to point out to advocates of women’s ordination, Christ never ordained his Mother.

As for what to do with this rosary: If the only “blessing” this rosary has received is the one reported to have been given by the Virgin Mary, it is essentially an unblessed sacramental. You can dispose of it, or you can take it to a priest for a priestly blessing. Once properly blessed, it will be a blessed sacramental and can be used as you would any blessed sacramental.

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