What do I do with a forgiven sin that still haunts me?

I once helped a friend obtain a termination. I didn’t want her to, but she seemed determined and I figured it’d be better to help her rather than ignore her.

I know now I was wrong. It bugged me for ages. At the time I was a baptized Catholic but didn’t know anything about the Catholic stance on such issues. As my knowledge increased, it was literally “Oh, God!” Once I twigged I went to confession immediately.

I explained it to the priest and I received the sacrament with an appropriate penance. The thing is: it’s still at the back of my mind, still bugging me.

Any ideas as to what I should do now?

[quote=catholicbudgie]Any ideas as to what I should do now?

You have been forgiven for your participation in the abortion and have presumably completed the penance you were given. Now it is time to trust in the mercy and love of God who has forgiven you. When the forgiven sin, any forgiven sin, comes to your mind, recognize it for what it is: a temptation to despair. Knowing it for what it is, reject the temptation and offer up the pain you feel to God in union with the crucified Christ, perhaps for the sake of another child in danger of abortion. God bless.

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