What do I do with a husband refuses to have marriage blessed?


I am a revert to the faith since over 3 years ago. My husband and I were married by a protestant minister because we both had 1st marriages in the Catholic Church. I received an annulment for my 1st marriage in May. My husband refuses to have his 1st marriage annulled. He says that even if he didn’t need an annulment, he would never consent to having our marriage blessed, because it would go against his conscience. He is a cradle Catholic who vows never to return to the faith. We have been married 23 years, I have 2 grown step-children, and one grand-daughter, all of whom I love. We have been living as brother and sister for 2 years now. He says he loves me, but our marriage has been rocky for years, I think, due to the lack of God’s grace in our marriage.
He refuses to discuss this issue with me anymore, and treats it like it’s my problem to deal with and that it has nothing to do with him. I think he thinks this is just a phase I’m going through. I pray everyday for his conversion, as I still love him.
I am in agony over this because I don’t see a future for us without a sacramental marriage. I am terrified of moving out on my own but feel that this is what I will eventually have to do. Am I correct in my thinking? Should I leave him, or continue to live in separate bedrooms and wait it out?
Thank you for your help, and God bless you.


Dear friend,

You have no marriage. What are you trying to preserve? Get on with your life. You may still be able to find a husband who is worth the title. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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