What do I do with old Bibles?

My mother and I have been spending some time cleaning out a storage room in her house. She has many, and I mean many, old Bibles that she does not use anymore. Some of them were my father’s, and he died twenty-one years ago. The printing in these Bibles is very small and she now uses Bibles with large print so she can see them easier. Any advice on what to do with the Bibles she can’t use? I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t just be thrown away, and I don’t feel right just giving them to the local Goodwill.

If they are Catholic Bibles, you might take them to your local parish to be distributed to those Catholics in need of a Catholic translation of the Bible. Your pastor may also know of other Catholic ministries that can distribute the Bibles to the needy.

If they are not Catholic Bibles or if you have too many Catholic Bibles for the local Catholic ministries to use, you might take them to your local library. The library will likely keep what they can use and sell the rest in a booksale fundraiser.

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