What do I do with pagan/witchcraft rock?

Today a friend gave me a pagan rock they believed had powers. No idea where she got it but she’s involved with witchcraft and occult stuff. What do I need to do with it? If I need to get rid of it how do I do it?

Give it to your priest to dispose of it?

I kinda wanna keep it cause my friend gave it to me I just don’t want it to be pagan anymore

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I wouldn’t play with this kind of stuff. I would just ditch this thing.

what’s the proper way to ditch it quietly?

You could give it to a priest. Or maybe throw it in a lake somewhere?

I’m not comfortable giving it to my priest to be honest. I live across the street from a lake though so I might chunk it in there with the fish

Let a priest dispose of it.
Failing that, break it into pieces and put the pieces in the trash.

Break to pieces and toss in lake, or return it to your friend. Above all, dont accept such gifts.


Just throw it in the lake if it makes you feel better.

Or give it back to your friend.


I would get rid of it now.
What if your friend is using it to put a curse on you?
Furthermore, any spells of witches get their power from the devil. Some witches and wizards are fake, and then such a rock would be harmless. But you wouldn’t know if that is the case.


It is a rock. Part of God’s creation. Rocks cannot be “pagan”, they are not sentient. They also don’t have “powers”.

If I wanted to keep it, i would throw some holy water on it and then say a Hail Mary and the Prayer to St. MIchael and ask Jesus, Mary, Joseph and St. Michael to protect me and let this rock just be a rock. And then go about my business.

If the rock bothered me, I would throw it in a lake. Or chuck it into the woods in the nearest park.


I like this advice. Moses smashed the golden calf into pieces and threw it in the water.

Since we know Wiccanism is false then it’s safe to say that rock is just a rock. Treat it as you would any other; put it somewhere as a decoration, or put it in a geology collection if you were missing a specimen of that kind.


If it were me, I’d appreciate that the friend wanted to do something nice for me. As several people have said, it’s just a rock and cannot be construed as being a Catholic or Pagan rock. I’d use it as a paperweight but do what best gives you peace.


A number of exorcists say that items can be cursed or otherwise have an effect on the spiritual. Yes, we know that God’s power is greater. I also wouldn’t see the point in inviting anything in on accident to begin with. Smash it up n’ toss it, I say.


Baptize the rock with holy water, draw a cross on it with a gold paint pen, and place it lovingly in your prayer corner.

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Bury it somewhere where people aren’t likely to tread.

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Yep, simple fix.

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It’s just a rock and it has no special powers.
You said further down you want to keep it because your friend gave it to you… I guess if you want to keep a random rock (I’m assuming it’s pretty or something) then you could bring it to the priest of your parish and explain the situation. I’m sure he’d probably bless it for you if that would make you feel better. But again, it’s a rock. It’s not pagan. It has no ‘powers’. It’s just a rock.

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