What do I do???

This is my first year at college and I wanted to make some friends, so I joined a game club. Just a normal one, they play all kinds of games, it was fun. The people in the club played a game I played as a kid Yu-gi-oh, it’s a trading card game. So I joined in playing it as well. Some of the other students also played Dungeons and Dragons, I thought it was nerdy and awesomely fun, so i joined. I grew very happy with my college life and excited at all the friends I’d made, so I did what any person does, I told my mother how happy I was.
THEN on my 19th birthday I was at school and my mom forced me to come home. She then proceeded to tell me I’m not aloud to play dungeons and dragons any more because it was evil and demonic and the creator was a satanist. I looked him up, he’s not. But dungeons and dragons gets a very bad rap because of what happened to a few kids in the 80s. I respected that, though I didn’t like her way of delivering the message, by yelling at me.
Another problem of hers was the moving Catching Fire. She said that it taught you had to kill to live. This i did not respect. As an avid reader, which was suggested by my mother at a young age by having me read harry potter novels, I was offended that she had taken the surface of the story and boiled it down to something so vulgar. My sister, though, took me to the movie anyway.
I thought the matter had ended when i stopped playing dungeons and dragons, it wasn’t. Let me give you a bit of background quickly on Yu-gi-oh. It is a trading card game based on an anime, japanese animation. The premise of the show was a bunch of friends playing this card game, being friends, and on the odd occasion, fighting evil with it. I’m making it sound much more cliche than it really is, but anyway. I always watched the show as a kid, my parents were fine with it. I started playing the game as well, I was like 10, so I saw a fun game and i liked it. My parents had no problem with it. My mother even bought me cards, seeing as I was 10 and had no way of buying them myself. My brother and I played the game all our childhood. We even had fights over it, but we were kids, what do you expect. Now, 8 or 9 years later, my mother is having some marital issues, she’s stopped coming to church with my dad and i, but instead going to a different church with her business partner. This is like 3 months after the d and d situation. She told me to bring her my cards, I did. She took them and told me that they were demonic as well, that they were bringing evil spirits into our home. She showed me an email from my aunt about how my cousin was on anti-depressents and he had attempted suicide a few times. No where in the email did my aunt mention the games he was playing, one of which was Magic the gathering. I had brought my yugioh cards to his house and played with him a few times, we called it a grudge match because he always beat me, even when he was only learning the game. My mom then told me that it was my fault my cousin had tried to kill himself, because of the demons in these cardboard cards, and that they were probably the reason she and my father argued so much. I must add quickly, I didn’t have any cards for 3 years before this year, and she’s been arguing with him since 2 or so years ago. She then took my cards and said she’d look at them. When i used harry potter as an example of something that Catholic extremists dubbed to be pure evil she said yes, it was. Mind you, this is the same thing that she had me watching and reading as a kid. (Also my oldest sister took me to the final harry potter movie a few years ago and made a comment of all the catholic themes in the story line)
My question is: ARE THE GAMES I PLAY REALLY EVIL? Are a card game and a game on paper that is played with dice and telling a story really summoning demons? My mom said that because they had demons IN them, that they were even mentioned made them come. I personally thing that it might just be her, if it was that easy to bring demons into the world and summon them to you without even knowing it or meaning to the world would be over run by now and it would have ended. So someone tell me, have these games been analyzed by readers of the word, preachers of gods faith? Priests, or deacons, anyone who is trained to translate and teach us what god has to say? I don’t know if my mom is an expert on the teachings of Christ, at least not enough to tell me I’m summoning evil spirits who are ruining her life.

It sounds as though your mother is having mental health issues. I have no idea if you are still living at home, but at 19 you are old enough to decide your own leisure activities.

So I would try to engage the help of your father or another relative to see if they can help your mother, and without being disrespectful make your own mind up about the films you see and the games you play…

There is of course nothing demonic about Harry Potter…indeed it is a fable about the triumph of love and virtue over evil…

I think there are signs of family dysfunction here. Your mom seems to be struggling with her own mental health issues and may not be the best one to advise you on anything.

Your 19, and old enough to make your choices, as another person suggested. It sounds like it is time for you to be out on your own. You could even give college a break for one year and move out of state. Usually you have to live in a state for one year to become a resident and prove that your on your own.

This way you can get instate tuition, apply for your own loans if you need to, and get back on track with your educational goals. It’s your choice of course, but at 19 the issues you discussed in your post were not something my parents were deciding for me. They let me make my own choices, trusting that I would make good ones based on my upbringing.

Where is your dad in all of this?

Your mom doesn’t like your movies, books, and card games. So don’t talk to her about them. If you’re 19, and living away from home, you can choose your own means of entertainment as long as it’s legal. If you know these things upset your mother, then don’t talk to her about them and you won’t have a problem anymore.


As some of the other posters have said, it sounds like your mother might be going through some mental health issues. We all go through troubling times, and when that is the case, we don’t always think clearly.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the games you play, but it is nice to see that you care enough about it to ask! Since you are no longer a minor and are living away from home, just keep this aspect of your life away from discussion with your mom. Maybe there is some other fun activity on campus you can find to talk about with her so she can still feel involved in your life.

Also, on a side note (though, this does not have to do with the games you are playing), I personally believe that the Hunger Games is a perfect illustration of what could happen to the world if we lose all sense of morality, and instead, seek a material and hedonistic lifestyle. It’s not a story about killing to survive; it’s about what happens when evil, corrupt people are put into power. Just my two cents.

God bless!

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