What do I do?


There is a religion teacher at my catholic school whom I fear has been and continues to lead students away from the Faith. He doesn’t seem to give very solid teaching, and it is difficult to see where he stands. We talked about Terri Schaivo and he said that it was okay for her feeding tube to be removed and it was extraordinary means to keep her alive. That isn’t true, is it? He also talks about Pope John Paul II un-excommunicating Martin Luther, or something like that. One time he asked, why don’t we want women to be priests. I stated, " Because it’s wrong." The majority of the class objected to my statement, and, while he didn’t say women should be allowed to be priests, he didn’t give my stand any support. What do I do about a religion teacher like this?


I suppose the first thing to do would be to talk to him, showing him why some of the things he’s saying is against the Catholic religion. If he doesn’t listen, you could go to a higher authority (i.e. principal) about the matter, and state your concerns, or if there’s a priest that’s closely affiliated with the school, telling him would be a good idea.:thumbsup:

Praying for you



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