What do I get my guy who has everything for our anniversary?

It’s tomorrow, and while I had a great idea a few days ago I lost it (major mommy brain!).

The problem is that he’s not going to be here, he’s taking our 8yo DD to a very special father/daughter dance.

So a nice gift for a guy who has everything?

We might be able to do something Sunday after church.

Date night out is OUT, our youngest is a constant nurser.

Arggghhhh I wish I wasn’t such a procrastinator. So guys, what’s the nicest thing your wife might give you (or has given you) you can think of. It’s 11 years…wow 11 years. :thumbsup:

How about writing him a love letter, thanking him for being the wonderful dh that he is, etc. Congrats on the 11 years and may God bless you both with many more years of marriage!

Possibilities depend upon his interests and your budget.

Everyone is different.

If he is into cars, then something from the automotive industry might be suitable. My daughter took me to the Berrings Black Hawk Auto Museum in Danville, CA for my birthday one year. It was really great. You could send him off to something like this with one of his guy friends if you can’t go with him.

If he likes sports, then you can get him tickets to a ball game. If you can’t go with him then send him off with one of his guy friends.

If he enjoys cooking on the outdoor grill or likes to do BBQ, you could get him a good quality grill, smoker, or set of accessories.

If he has a hobby there is usually something he would like to have that would serve to enhance that interest.

If money is no object and your husband likes watching sports etc on TV, you could always get him a large flat screen TV. Some people like TIVO’s. The new Blue Ray DVD players are another possibility.

If you’re really “loaded” you could go completely nuts and buy him the boat or sports car of his dreams.

Personally, I like the idea of a date night even if it’s at home. A great home cooked dinner by candle light with a glass of wine etc. would be real nice. Simply treat him like the man you love with all your heart.

11th is steel.

So, what does he like? Does he cook? A good knife.

Does he like comics - Superman something?

Tools, the more noise, horsepower, (think Tim the toolman) the better. We were married a few years before I realized that is really what he wanted (I make the connection between tools and like a toaster/blender for me so I steered way clear of that stuff in the begining…oops).

I just asked him what the best present was and he said the season 6 part 2 of The Sopranos that I sent him while he was in Afghanistan. ??? Maybe I am not much help here…but he usually lights up like a kid at Christmas with the tools.

Why not have a mass said for him for every year of your marriage?

OK yeah, it would seriously help if I told you all his interests huh?

He hates sports. He’ll play em, he’ll go to live baseball games, but other than that – no way Jose’.

He is in the Navy but he’s not a huge MILITARY fan.

Tools, yeah he steals mine. He won’t build. I once bought him a circular saw (when we bought our first house) and we ended up laughing about how it’s really MY saw. I fix everything. Again, NAVY, I have to do all that boy-ish stuff. I was also raised to woodwork, build, fish etc. In fact I was the first person to ever take my husband fishing!

WAIT! THAT’S IT!!! Should I buy him a one day deep sea fishing trip out of our local harbor! We BOTH benefit!!! He gets a day away and I get lots of awesome COD to fix.

He DOES love comic books, and books and music. He’s on a White Stripes kick lately, but has all that…sooooo…fishing sounds good!

Maybe get him a gift certificate for a ride in a Warbird?

Well, if your romantic life is anything like ours has been since the birth of our last little one…and you REALLY want to do something that will make him happy and feel loved…

Find someone to watch the oldest 3…try to keep Dash awake as long as you can, then feed him til he’s in a milk stuppor…

Put on something he’d like and go treat hubby like you did on your honeymoon…then order a pizza and have his fav beverage to go with it.

Sometimes the best gifts are free.

Seriously, I think my hubby would faint if he got such a gift!:stuck_out_tongue:

Would he enjoy a gift certificate to a Catholic bookstore? That’s what I usually get my Hubby for our anniversary.
He gets me sports things :smiley:
Congrats! I hope you cherish him as much now as you do the day you first promised to be his beloved wife.

whats his favorite meal?? or better yet since he will be gone with your daughter cook him something special the next morning!! We love food in our house so special occations are always celebrated by picking the other persons favorite meal and making it for them. I would make dinner for the kids, have a little snack and then put the kids to bed and make a dinner just for the two of you. Put candles on the table and eat by candle light (as long as you can nurse without lights!!) baby can be right there but you might just be lucky and have a sleeping baby and the two of you can enjoy the evening.

my husband did this for me and we had my oldest take our picture like we were on a date. it was fun and didnt cost us a ton of money and dealing with babysitters!

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