What do I have to do to be confirmed?



I have been on this site since June, 2013. I am following that other post about the kid who doesn’t want to be confirmed. I am 32. I was never confirmed. I was away from the Catholic Church from when I was 16 until the summer of 2013. My history can be found on here, I’m sure, but what happened is I had sexual intercourse with a woman I met on Match.com. She got pregnant, and after a lot of pressure from me, had an abortion, which I paid for. I felt awful and went to confession right away. I have gotten involved with religion again. I have been going to Mass every week since then. I think I am ready to be confirmed. What do I have to do to be confirmed at 32? Do I have to go to confirmation classes with a bunch of teenagers? How long of a process is it?


you will join RCIA …it’s a confirmation course for adults. It’s a supplement/formal teaching to help you along with your relationship with Jesus. I believe it usually begins in the fall and you will get confirmed during easter. All you need to do is go to the office of a good pairsh near you to get processed in to the classes.

God bless u on your journey!


So I would probably have to wait until next year then?


You need to call your parish and see what type of preparation is available for you.

Ideally they will have an adult confirmation class you can join. Or your diocese may have an adult confirmation program. Many parishes put adults needing confirmation into RCIA which is far from ideal but it’s what they have.

Your parish will be able to tell you about local resources.


I was able to join my RCIA program midway in January.


Make an appointment to talk to your pastor. He can tell you what preparation is required for you to be confirmed. Adult confirmations are not all unusual.


As an adult who was catechized until age 16 what SHOULD happen is that your priest or his designee does the proximate preparation for confirmation (a few weeks of meetings with you to prepare you for the sacrament) and then either receives faculties from the bishop to do the confirmation himself or schedules you in to one of the confirmations ceremonies scheduled around the diocese where the bishop confers the sacrament.

Adult, catechized Catholics do not attend RCIA. (and no, you don’t go to class with the teens either)

Unfortunately, what often happens is that Catholics who should not be delayed in receiving the sacrament are delayed because they herd everyone through RCIA as if it were a one size fits all program.

Such are the realities of overworked, understaffed parishes.

I encourage you to talk to your pastor in a one-on-one meeting, tell him you are ready for confirmation and desire preparation for the sacrament as soon as possible.


Thanks. I waited so long because after that experience in June of 2013, I wanted to start going to church again, and be sure was absolutely ready to make that commitment. I’m ready now.


I just found out the deacon at my church is in charge of the RCIA program. I’ll email him and find out what I need to do.


Just to update everyone, I have now gone to 2 RCIA classes. There are about 4 or 5 other people. The deacon runs them. We will be meeting every other week until the summer, than once or twice over the summer, then more frequently starting in the fall. I will have to wait until next spring to actually be confirmed. I think this will actually mean a lot more than if I had just gone through the motions and been confirmed when I was 16.


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